Social Bento: 20th June 2014

Another week has passed, and this week we’ve had lots of excitement. From the World Cup, to Cannes Lions and finally the meltdown after Facebook was down on Thursday morning. With so much to choose from, narrowing down topics for this week’s Social Bento was a bit tricky. However we hope you enjoy our picks, and have a great weekend!

YouTube to block indie labels?

This week it was announced that Google are planning to roll out a music streaming service. Listeners can pay to play music without advertising on Google owned YouTube. Google claims that 90% of the music industry has signed up to the service, threatened by the fact that not signing up will result in the videos being blocked on the platform. It’s been said that some indie labels are yet to get on board, with artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Adele at risk of their videos disappearing. There’s no confirmed launch date yet for the service, but it’s being predicted that it will have a graduated roll out later in the year.

Facebook release Slingshot… for real.

So last week we saw Facebook accidentally release their version of Snapchat, Slingshot. After a hasty removal from the app store, we had a sneaky suspicion it wouldn’t be long before the app was released for real. We were right as Slingshot was officially launched this week. With developers saying it’s different to Snapchat as it’s more of a way of sharing what you’re up to at that current moment in time. In addition, it has been said to be more polished than the rival ephemeral messaging site. Find out some more about both apps features in this article by Mashable. So what will you be turning to? Slingshot, or staying faithful to Snapchat?


A new app got everyone talking this week. Or should I say Yo-ing? Yo is super simple messaging app that allows you to send a ‘yo’ to your friends. That’s all there is to it. A yo. Perplexed? So were we. Of course what your ‘yo’ actually means is down to preference, could it mean when you get to a destination and instead of calling a family member you send a ‘yo’? Or perhaps as Yo themselves suggest, a blogger could Yo their readers when a new post is live. It’s completely up to you how you use your ‘yo.’ With user figures not being released just yet, it has been reported that so far over 50,000 users have sent more than 4 million ‘yos’. The app, which was reportedly created in just eight hours, has certainly has got everyone talking and is ahead of Facebook’s slingshot in the App download chart!

LinkedIn launch Job Search

LinkedIn have launched a brand new app called LinkedIn Job Search which is a free iOS app where you can search and apply for jobs using the platform. But you needn’t worry about your boss seeing your job searches as everything remains completely private and won’t be posted to your network. LinkedIn are reported to have said they want to make job searching easier for applicants. Whilst the app is currently only available in the US, it’s set to be released to other countries very soon.

Twitter now supports GIFs

Some good news to end the week is that Twitter finally supports GIFs! Hoorah. Just in case you’ve been living in a cave, GIFs are moving images that are repeated on a loop. It’s super easy to add GIFs to your tweets; we’ve found ours through Giphy, saved them and then uploaded them to our tweets as if they are a photo. Whoop. Let’s celebrate with a dancing GIF.

giphy (2)

Social Bento: 23rd May 2014

Google Celebrate Rubik’s Cube’s 40th Birthday

On Monday, we had to try not to procrastinate as Google gave us an almighty temptation by creating a digital Rubik’s Cube on their homepage. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first prototype of the coloured square puzzle, that always leaves us scratching our head. Google Doodle executed this perfectly, and we had to stop ourselves from spending all day playing with it.

Facebook to release their own Snapchat

So this week, we heard some news that Facebook are reportedly bringing out their own version of Snapchat. After trying and failing to acquire the picture messaging app, they are set to be developing their own version entitled Slingshot. Mark Zuckerberg is personally overseeing development of an “ephemeral messaging” app and it could be released as soon as this month! With Snapchat’s rising popularity it’s not surprising that Facebook want a piece of the action. They even recently removed their ‘poke’ app, which was a clone of Snapchat, coincidental no?

Put your Instagram snaps on your trainers

Later this summer, Adidas are going to make both Instagram and fashion lovers very happy, as they are releasing an app which allows you to put an instagram photo onto a pair of trainers. The Adidas Photo Print app, will use pictures and print them onto the ZX Flux Trainer. Adidas posted the launch on Instagram (of course) and said “ “Print your favourite photos straight on to one of 2014’s hottest silhouettes and make a statement on your sneakers like never before… the possibilities are endless.” No prices have been released yet, but for trainer lovers, this is a unique chance to get create your very own pair of trainers, that no one else will have. One thing though, we maybe wouldn’t recommend selfie trainers.

London named as the capital of selfies

Whilst we’re on the subject of selfies, this week it was announced in a new set of research, that London is the city where the most selfies are taken! It beat cities such as New York, who came in second place and third place went to Amsterdam. Tourist landmarks such as Big Ben, The London Eye and Buckingham Palace are the most tempting places for selfies to be taken. According to the report, 14% of all selfies taken are taken in London! Are you guilty of taking a selfie in London? We usually just stick to Southampton.

Facebook releases new Shazam like feature:

Facebook have been at it again, and have released another new feature for the platform. This week it’s all about a new Shazam like feature, which listens to what you are watching/listening to and automatically adds it to your status. You used to have add what you were up to yourself, but you don’t even have to type anymore. This new feature is in the new update for Facebook, and the official name is audio recognition. The feature brings up selections to what you’re watching/listening to within just five seconds. It is similar to other apps such as Shazam. Facebook have said that the app won’t hear background noise or conversations, and that sounds are only matched and never stored. Also the app will only listen when you’re writing a status, and not all the time you’re on Facebook! The only problem now is that we will have to make sure we are listening to cool music before posting a status. Or our secret cheesy music taste will be exposed!

The new whistle camera

Android users no longer have to worry about getting the perfect picture, as they can now take a picture using their mouth. Whistle Camera is a new app that allows users to take pictures by whistling! Features of the app include auto focus, the easing of holding you phone with one hand to take a picture and of course whistle detecting camera. The app which can also control both your front and rear facing camera. How do you feel about this new hands free camera? Will it be the new app to take the perfect selfie?

Save The Children Looking for a Vlogger:

Charity Save the Children has jumped on the YouTube bandwagon, by advertising for the face of a yearlong campaign, and they don’t just want anyone. They want a vlogger. They want someone who’s going to be able to host videos and think of exciting content for Save the Children to post out to a wider audience. The vlogger will get a yearlong contract, media training, and will travel with their role. The role is even paid too, with YouTube influencers becoming very successful for brands marketing strategies, it’s no wonder that Save the Children want to develop their YouTube channel further. Think you’re up for the challenge? You can apply here.

Google gets on that Instagram thing:

This week Google joined Instagram, their first post was the google doodle of the Rubik’s cube, and so far two posts later they have 44,000 followers. Their bio is slightly genius though “Google unfiltered-sometimes with filters.” Have you followed Google yet?

Twitter to acquire Soundcloud?

This week it was reported that Twitter may acquire Soundcloud, the audio sharing service. As described on Venture Beat, Soundcloud is YouTube but for audio. It has over 250 million users, and it’s been reported that Twitter could bring a lot to the table for Soundcloud. Especially with Twitter’s last attempt with a music app failed. Soundcloud could use Twitter’s contacts to secure contracts with big music labels. However if Twitter were to go ahead and acquire Soundcloud, it wouldn’t be cheap; the last valuation of Soundcloud was $700 million. Better dig deep in those pockets Twitter!


How does the youth audience really feel towards their social platforms? 

voxburner pic for blog

Image Source 

Following on from our Social Brands 100 Youth Ranking, our report partner, Voxburner has conducted research on user’s sentiment towards social media platforms. After surveying 1,500 16-24 year olds, the research found that the top three most popular social platforms were YouTube, Whatsapp and Skype.

The survey explored sentiment towards a total of 18 different social media platforms. Sentiment was the chosen focal point for the research, so findings could demonstrate which platforms young users ‘enjoy, appreciate and feel positively towards.’ The research found that 91% of respondents say they ‘love’ or ‘like’ YouTube.

Ranking second amongst the youth audience was Whatsapp, which was ‘loved’ by 33% of respondents, with Skype following in third place with 31% of the respondents stating it as their most loved platform. Facebook came 4th with 27%, and subsequently Instagram with 24% to complete the top five list. The only platform that received slight negativity from the respondents was Google+.

Following on from the results, Head of Insight at Voxburner, Luke Mitchell commented on the findings: “This is an optimistic and tolerant generation and the lack of any strong negative sentiment towards any social media brands backs this up. With some dissent towards Google+ we can perhaps see that young users don’t like to feel forced into new tech habits, for example last year when YouTube commenter’s were pushed into using a Google+ profile.”

At Headstream, we believe that the customer should be at the heart of everything you do as a brand. Understanding your customer’s needs and wants at different points in their customer journey, enables us to plan and develop content for every step of their journey. Its about making sure the content is relevant and provides real value to the end user – something they will feel has made their day better, more fun or easier.

Voxburner followed up their findings with some qualitative research to find out a little more from the respondents about their social media platform preferences. Claire, 18, says, “Facebook just seems to get boring, it’s the same old thing day in day out. Typically the other apps involve more direct communication with individuals, a platform for conversation, or in YouTube’s case, watching and finding new things.”

The research concludes that the youth audience are always looking for new and entertaining content when online, and become easily bored by the ‘everyday’ stream Facebook provides. One reason YouTube has ranked so highly in terms of sentiment is because of its expansive range of entertaining content, both timely and readily available 24/7.

The full research on sentiment towards social media brands can be downloaded on the Voxburner website.



Headstream’s Social Bento: 28th March 2014

Instagram hits 200 million users

instagram 200 mill users


This week Instagram announced they have reached 200 million users. Currently there are 20 billion photos that have been shared via the photo app.  It’s also been revealed that 50 million users have joined in the last six months!. This means that Instagram’s users have grown by 100% in the last year! With user growth predicted to keep growing and soon the introduction of ads on Instagram; Facebook definitely scored themselves a good deal when they bought the service back in 2012. Are you an Instagram user? We are, and you can follow us (username: headstream) for awesome content, even if we do say so ourselves.

Google Glass gets fashionable



Many people have criticised Google Glass for the way they look. Described as dorky, Google have obviously cottoned onto this and have announced they are intending to bring out Google Glass versions with Rayban and Oakley. This is to capture a less tech orientated customer and attract a wider audience for Google Glass. Luxottica’s (who parent Oakley and Rayban) CEO Andrea Guerra commented, “We believe it is high time to combine the unique expertise, deep knowledge and quality of our Group with the cutting-edge technology expertise of Google and give birth to a new generation of revolutionary devices.” Google have also announced they will be bringing out a prescription set of the glasses too.  Whilst the fashionable frame may make Google Glass more attractive to the mainstream audience, the price tag of $1,500 may hold them back from becoming the next must have accessory just yet.

The Sun’s dedicated news hashtags

sun hashtags


This week The Sun announced that they were the first newspaper to have hashtags dedicated to news stories featured in their paper. This means that readers can comment on the stories and submit their views using the official hashtag. This is to prompt online and offline conversations with their readers. Editor of the Sun, David Dinsmore says, “The Sun has always powered the nation’s conversation, but by printing hashtags alongside our news we are making it easy for readers to share their opinions and continue the story online. In an increasingly digital world, it will also help a whole new generation discover Sun content and our unique brand of journalism.” The Sun has also recruited a dedicated social media team. As the media is evolving, we think this is a great idea; giving readers the chance to comment on news stories which will make them feel part of the newspaper and gives them a more interactive experience. It’s also great for The Sun’s brand engagement.

Twitter’s new photo feature

social bento twitter photo


This week we saw another new Twitter update. After last week’s trial of a new favourites list, this week Twitter has introduced the option to add four photos to a single tweet. You can tag up to 10 people in the photos, and neither the pictures nor tags will affect the 140 character limit either. At the moment the new feature is only available via Twitter on the iPhone, but Android and desktop are soon to follow suit.

The first shoppable Google+ hangout



This week to celebrate the 27th anniversary of Nike’s Air Max trainers, ASOS and Nike held the first shoppable Google hangout. The hangout took place on Wednesday with a new +post ad that appeared in the Google+ news feed. The viewers of the ad were invited to join the hangout and to buy the products from the ad. Google debuted the +post ads back in December 2013 which allows brands to turn pictures, videos and hangouts into expandable display ads. The ASOS and Nike hangout included tips and styling inspiration for the Nike Air Max trainers as well as competitions running alongside on other social platforms. Google+ marketing director Marvin Chow says he “was excited that big brands such as ASOS and Nike were using Google+ for a new innovative experience.” As if we need another excuse to shop eh?

Wearables for Cows?

wearables for cows


So this week’s weird and wonderful wearable is one for cows. Yes you read that correctly, the Silent Herdsman is a revolutionary new collar for farmers to track cows and to trigger an alert when there is a change in the cow’s behaviour. For example when the cow goes into oestrus which in simpler terms is known as ‘the heat’, which is when the cow has an increased milk yield. The wearable should hopefully improve both operational and profits on farms. This really does show how much technology is ‘mooving’ on. Yes I went there; this wearable could be a big positive development for dairy farmers. We are intrigued to see what they bring out next for animals!

Youth Content Marketing with Reddit



Every week we will be focusing a segment in our Social Bento all about content marketing. This week we are looking at Reddit, which Voxburner classed as the flagship site for the new generation. Reddit is different to other platforms, as users can register to become community managers. These users then post content and other registered users vote on the content which determines the contents placing on the site. Reddit proves that peer-to-peer content is as popular as ever, with users wanting to hear updates from the people they know and can relate to. Reddit also have a live reporting feature, where users can live blog or post updates on breaking news. Reddit is “always first with news and is a step ahead of the game in real-time journalism” say Voxburner. Reddit is creating citizen journalists and is paving the way of how social is changing. As Voxburner describe it, ‘its crowd sourced, it’s approachable, and it’s written by friends.’ For more info on tech for youth, check out Voxburner’s Youth Tech Report Spring 2014.  However there is a way for brands to get on board with Reddit too as they can become a member and post a question to the citizen journalist community. However it does seem a tough crowd to get into, have you joined the Reddit Clique yet? Reddit seems to be at the top of its game when it comes to youth content marketing.  Will Reddit lead the way for other platforms to follow suit?

Viral of the week:

pepsi viral


This week’s viral comes from soft drink giant Pepsi Max, who gave Londoners quite the fright with their augmented reality bus stop. The ‘unbelievable bus shelter’ showed onlookers moving pictures of alien invasions, a wild tiger on the loose and a big tongue roaming the streets. In a week the video has had over 3.5 million views, if you’ve not already seen it, go check it out now…

Happy Mother’s Day from the Post Office



Finally, with Mother’s day coming up on Sunday, it was inevitable that some brands would help spread the word. The Post Office has created some custom vines that allowed tweeters to tweet in requests for their mum’s in which a barbershop quartet would reply with a personalised vine video singing about their mother! We love short form videos, but you probably knew that already from looking at our Social Bento Instagram video. However if we re- created the Post Office’s videos for our mum, we don’t think it’d have the same effect somehow.


Headstream’s Social Bento : 21st March 2014

Carlsberg happy hour with Instagram

carlsberg 4


Beer Company Carlsberg brought a brand new meaning to the term ‘happy hour’ this week with their new Instagram campaign. Urging visitors in participating bars to post a picture to Instagram with the hash tag #HappyBeerTime , they‘d then get a Carlsberg or Tuborg beer for half price. The bars were fitted with a dongle which streamed the photos to a TV screen meaning that staff and participants were updated on new content in real time. Carlsberg said this campaign would benefit everyone, the punters as they get cheap beer and the bars because they would receive word of mouth buzz over Instagram. The campaign is going to be trialled in Denmark, but could extend to other countries such as the UK. When asked if they thought that the promotion was encouraging binge drinking, Carlsberg’s vice president of group digital, media and content said “We’re extending the time-frame people can drink beer [at a discounted price] so they are not under pressure to drink excessive amounts in a short period. When combined with the social media mechanic, ‘Happy Hour 2.0 is much more about promoting the time people are social and happy together versus drinking.” Well that’s us told.

Twitter make a faves list

twitter favourites social bento


Do you follow hundreds of people on Twitter and miss out on those all important tweets from your favourite people? Fear no more, Twitter has introduced a new favourite list where you can tap a star next to a user and have them popped into a favourites list. You can even go that step closer to be a stalker by choosing to get alerts when they send out a tweet. Of course it’s all very similar to the list option that Twitter currently have, but we now have a little star. The feature is currently being tested on a small group of Android users, and when asked for a comment Twitter, kept their mouths closed, but we all know that Twitter likes to regularly test out new features on the down low. The sneaky scamps. Who will you be adding to your favourites list? It better be Headstream or we’re not friends anymore.

YouTube to make a kids friendly version?



YouTube is rreportedly going to be making a kids friendly version for under 10’s. Free of adult themed videos and comments, the site is to eventually become a platform that parents can trust. The goal is for parents to be able to access a special app on their devices or TVs that just shows children friendly videos. Hopefully there will be content created just for children too. If this excites you, then maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet. The project isn’t anywhere near to being finished yet, but with internet users becoming younger, this could well be a platform that would be very popular with not only under 10’s but parents too.

The new anti- social app:



Ever had that awkward situation where you’ve bumped into someone you know when you’re doing your weekly food shop, and then crept round the rest of the shop like a burglar so you don’t see them again? Or when -this one is for the girls, you pop out and you have no makeup on, and you’re wearing food stained clothes *not a pretty sight I tell you* you always bump into at least one person you know. Why is this? Well thanks to new anti social app Cloak, we can now avoid this happening.  The app pulls in location information from our friends social networks connecting with Foursquare and Instagram, and then provides you with a map that tells you where certain people are. You then flag the person you want to avoid and then the app will alert you when you are in close radius of that person. At the moment the app is just connected with Instagram and Foursquare but will be connecting with other location services in the future.  So if you want to avoid that certain someone make sure they are using those two networks, or you still run the risk of bumping into them whilst buying loo roll.

Twitter removing its mentions?



This week the word on the street was that Twitter is once again making some more cheeky changes, by possibly getting rid of @ mentions on the android app. Twitter’s head of news Vivian Schiller recently told a media event that “hashtags and @ mentions are arcane” and hinted that they may be reworked to create a new streamlined look for twitter. This means that @ mentions may be scrapped in favour of a similar Facebook commenting system. It’s said that the change is happening due to new users being put off by the sites scaffolding conversations. How would you feel if Twitter went through with this change? We personally don’t know why Twitter would want to change this, how would this impact our timelines? Would we just be able to comment on other people’s tweets? Something we’d be interested to hear Twitter discuss further.




This week we saw a sudden influx of makeup free selfies pop up on our Facebook and Twitter timelines. This trend which was sparked off by author Laura Lippman showing support for actress Kim Novak who was criticised for her looks, has now transformed into an awareness campaign for Cancer Research. Although the campaign didn’t come directly from Cancer Research themselves, they sent out a tweet saying ,“We’re loving your #cancerawareness #nomakeupselfie pics! The campaign isn’t ours but every £ helps #beatcancersooner.” It’s been reported that the charity has seen a surge in donations and have even raised more than £1 million pounds through 800,000 text donations. Although it wasn’t an official campaign, the no makeup selfie has raised a great deal of money for Cancer Research and the website has had a huge surge of traffic, which to us means that a simple no makeup picture has raised a huge amount of awareness for a great cause.

Android Wear



Wearables have started creeping up on us within recent years. But earlier this week Google showed us that they were really getting into wearables. Android Wear is a system specially designed for smart watches.  With LG reported to be the first brand to manufacture the watches, other brands such as HTC, Motorola and Samsung have also been working with the company to bring out versions as well. The wearable will have many key features including fitness being a main one. Adding  ‘real time speed, distance, and time information on your wrist for your run, cycle or walk,” say Google. Other features include Google Now, which brings you all the information you need at the right time, whether it’s the weather, directions or reminders; it’s all ready for when you need the information. The watch will also be connected to your android phone (if you have one obviously) so any notifications from apps that you have on there will come through on the watch too. There will also be voice command so you can do voice searches (make sure if you’re searching for something dodgy you do it in private though!) You can even get a song to play from your phone using your voice. You can say ‘OK Google’ to do things such as order a taxi, send a text or reserve a table in your favourite restaurant. Google hope that the first Android watches will be out later this year. Exciting times, we can’t wait to see these start to be rolled out as we love the idea of having the world on your wrist!

Google ChromeCast



Google’s Chromecast Wi-Fi dongle is officially available to buy in the UK! The dongle which can stream music, videos and games through your TV went on sale on Wednesday.

Priced at £30, the dongle which is connected through the HDMI port, acts as a receiver for media such as videos and games, sent from Android smart phones and tablet apps, including Apple devices as well as computers via the Chrome browser. We love this little dongle, the hassle of connecting many wires or downloading apps just to watch YouTube or Netflix on your TV is now solved. Phew. Now where’s the popcorn?

The Lunchtime Watch

superman go pro


This week’s lunchtime watch is one of the videos we all enjoyed this week in the office. Our resident Superman aka Creative Director Darren found this funny video of what it would be like to spend the day flying round like Superman. Wearing a GoPro we see him rescue ladies from burning buildings and chase bad guys. The only thing is now is that we really wish we could fly :(

Social Brands 100 Q&A: Bing (Part One)

Search engine Bing has spent the last year running a campaign in the UK called ‘Bing is for Doing’ that encourages people to share what they dream of doing and in some cases, Bing UK will make it happen.  We spoke to Chief Envisioning Officer Dave Coplin about Bing UK’s approach to social media. Continue reading