Social Bento: 9th May: A Round Up Of This Week’s Best Social Media News..

Tesco’s New Smartphone To Rival Android?

This week Tesco proved they are so much more than the place where we do our weekly grocery shop. With the supermarket chain already edging their way into the technology game with the release of Hudl, a tablet which has seen sales of over 550,000. With the success of Hudl behind them, Chief Executive Philip Clarke revealed that a Tesco phone is on the way and should be launched by the end of the year. It’s also been reported that the handset will be based on Android, but there haven’t been any confirmations of any further details such as prices of the handset. The only details we do have is that the phone will be loaded with Tesco services such as Blinkbox video streaming, a music/books/movie e-store, and general Tesco shopping services. Clarke also revealed how they are also releasing a follow-up to their tablet, Hudl 2, in September. We’re intrigued to see the new Tesco phone; will it really rival Android? We guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Amazon Lets You Pay With A Tweet

This week saw Amazon launch a new feature to their e-commerce website. After connecting your Twitter account to your Amazon one, using Twitter you now can add items to your basket using the hashtag  #amazonbasket. It’s targeted at users who don’t want to go through the trouble of clicking links and then manually adding products to their basket. Amazon has created #amazonbasket to provide ease for their customers, stating that “no more switching apps, typing passwords, or trying to remember products you saw on Twitter. Save it to your cart now, and check out later when it’s more convenient for you.” Reports state how this new feature benefits Twitter more than anyone else. An Amazon spokesperson says ““Twitter offers a great environment for our customers to discover product recommendations from artists, experts, brands and friends. #Amazonbasket was designed to help customers add products to their cart now without leaving Twitter and come back later to shop and buy on Amazon.”  Will you be using the new #amazonbasket feature? We’re sure that our basket is probably always going to be full to the brim!  Shopaholics beware!

Police Love Pinterest Too

Some of us in the office are big Pinterest fans. This week we learnt that it’s not just us who love Pinterest, in fact so do the police. No not Sting and pals, the actual police force who are using the pinning inspiration platform as a way to solve crimes. Yes really. Redwood City’s force in California used the site to list stolen jewellery that had been found in a bag. After just eight hours, the police force received details from three different people about owners of the stolen jewellery. Including a charm bracelet that had been stolen in 1983 and was a mother’s keepsake and 30 years later, it was reunited with the rightful owner. In addition Pottstown’s force have created boards of criminals mug shots and have seen a 57% increase in arrest rates for offences since the boards were created. Police have also been using other social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to help find criminals and a revolutionary new pre video advert on YouTube showing missing people. How do you feel about Police forces on social media? We think it’s a great way for them to connect and help solve crimes.


Everyone To Get New Twitter Profile This Month

If you thought you’d got away with not having the new Twitter profile, we have bad news. It’s coming for you. Twitter announced this week that everyone will have the new profiles on May 28th. The new design has come under criticism in recent weeks for its similarity to Facebook. With not everyone having the new profile yet, it won’t be long before everyone has the new features including larger profile and header images, new timeline views and the ability to pin a tweet to the top of a profile page. So if you’re a hater of the new design… you’ve only got 19 days (and counting!)

Vine Gets Accessible

It’s been announced Vine have revamped their website to show it’s more accessible for viewers to search and watch their favourite six second videos. The best thing you don’t even have to be logged in to see videos, or even have an account for that matter, making the new shift a very similar one to YouTube. You’ll even be able to see different channels, popular videos and trending tags. The move shows a real segregation between Vine and Instagram who still have a limited online website, and moves towards becoming closer to being a YouTube competitor. The developments of the website means that more people can enjoy Vine’s and search for them a lot easier, which will do nothing but boost the platforms popularity. We have had hours of fun searching for our favourite Vine’s, will this new update mean you’ll spend more time on the six second video site or stay faithful to the giant YouTube?

Mink: The 3D Printer That Prints Make Up 

This week we saw an innovative new product launched that got the girls in the office pretty excited. Okay no, it’s not a Ryan Gosling clone. However Mink a new 3D printer that allows you to print out make up was revealed at this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt event by Harvard business school student Grace Choi. So how exactly does the printer work? Well, the printer works as an inkjet to mix colours to the user’s preference then print, the custom make up. You can select colours from any digital image, whether you want to copy a look from YouTube, a photo or a colour found on the internet. Creator Choi says “”The inkjet handles the pigment, and the same raw material substrates can create any type of make-up, from powders to cream to lipstick.” With no specific release date apart from later this year, Mink has an enquiry list you can join to be first in the know about the revolutionary new printer’s launch. Reports are the printer will be roughly $300 and materials will be ‘competitively’ priced. We love the idea of having a printer to print custom ideas, our Social Media Exec and beauty blogger Corrie is literally beside herself at the idea.


Yahoo Launches News Digest App For Android

This week Yahoo launched their News Digest app for Android, and made the current iOS version available for all users worldwide. The app which gives daily news updates for users was previously only available in the UK or US. The app was launched earlier this year, and was based on news app Summly, started by British teen Nick D’Aloisio started up before Yahoo acquired it  in 2013. Yahoo also released some latest stats on News Digest, with D’Aloisio revealing that 40% of users use the app every day. With News Digest going worldwide, will you be downloading the app?

5G Trials In Japan

Word on the street is that Nokia and Samsung have joined in with trials of 5G in Japan. However it seems we can’t get too excited as 5G is still years away, in fact 2020 is the predicted year that we’ll get internet speeds up to 10Gbps. Current tests are being carried out to see if high frequency bands (higher than 6GHz) which can support speeds up to10 Gbps even if there are lots of devices using the same bandwidth. It’s reported that the first tests will be held in an indoor research facility and later in outdoor field trials next year. We guess we’ll just have to carry on with 4G for the time being!

Tumblr’s New Features For Mobile:

Tumblr have announced they are rolling out a fully customisable update to their mobile versions. In the past, users haven’t been able to change the background of their blog or customise it due to logos and backgrounds not being available on the mobile version. Peter Vifani, the creative director at Tumblr says “this is our biggest launch in the past five years. We’re allowing customization and theming to occur in mobile apps, which is huge, because mobile takes up half of our total traffic and it’s rapidly growing.” Updates now sync instantly between the desktop and mobile versions so changes made to one another are then reflected on each device. We love the idea of being able to customise whilst on the mobile app, seeing as we are all such big fans of Tumblr. What do you think about the new update?


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#The Stream – Issue 32

All kinds of interesting news this week – from Tumblr’s in-feed ads to the false tweet that sent the U.S. stocks into momentary free-fall; welcome to the #TheStream Issue 32. Continue reading

#TheStream – Issue 26

Welcome to Issue 26 of #TheStream!

Union Metrics Offers Tumblr Analytics For Businesses

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 15.59.34

Union Metrics, one of Tumblr’s A-List partners, are now offering businesses fully featured analytics packages.

Maximize your impact on Tumblr with detailed engagement analytics. Go beyond web analytics to truly understand all Tumblr activity for any blog or any topic.

Their pricing plans start at $499 a month for the standard package and go up from there. For many brands who are using Tumblr this is an invaluable resource to understand the blogging network and how best to gain value from it.

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#TheStream – Issue 22

It’s #TheStream time! Lets take a look back at last weeks top news in social, tech and marketing.

Facebook – 1 Billion Active Users

Good golly! They’ve done it! 1 Billion active users on the social network firmly cementing them as the top dog of social. They celebrated this mile stone with their first ad campaign… (let us know your thoughts on it, views are mixed in our office)

Source: Facebook

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#TheStream Issue 8

Welcome once again to our look back over the previous week’s top news in social, tech and marketing. Lots of stuff here, hope you find it valuable!

Facebook App Center

The boys and girls at the big F (can we call them that?) have been very busy and last week announced their very own application store ‘apptly’ named App Center (queue the bad joke groans). U.S. spelling of centre aside, this will be a great way to drive the discovery of apps. At the moment, Facebook is the place for organic discovery but searching and installing apps is currently not a great experience and sometimes confusing. The App Center should fix this and encourage further organic growth as people begin to install more apps, should this take off a la Apple’s App Store.

“In the coming weeks, people will be able to access the App Center on the web and in the iOS and Android Facebook apps. All canvas, mobile and web apps that follow the guidelines can be listed. All developers should start preparing today to make sure their app is included for the launch.”

Facebook also announced that it will be introducing paid for apps:

“Many developers have been successful with in-app purchases, but to support more types of apps on, we will give developers the option to offer paid apps. This is a simple-to-implement payment feature that lets people pay a flat fee to use an app on If you are interested in the beta program, please sign up to receive more information.”

Just in time for their IPO, Mark & co must be viewing this as one of the ways to justify their proposed share price as they look to make Facebook the one stop shop for people’s online activities.

Facebook File Sharing

Just a few weeks after Google finally released Google Drive, Facebook has begun rolling out a file sharing system. It works through the ‘groups’ functionality and although very basic at this time it might just be the shot in the arm that makes Groups more appealing. The once popular stomping grounds have been a bit lackluster since the introduction of Pages but with each new iteration they have slowly but surely begun to become a great place to collaborate/communicate with small teams of people. This latest update allowing you to share any file type is a very welcome addition and further enhances Facebook’s corporate potential and a nice edition for those using groups for clubs etc.

Facebook Testing Highlight Posts Feature

Like an interesting mix of Twitter‘s promoted tweets and Tumblr‘s highlight post feature, Facebook have begun a small experiment allowing any user to “highlight” their status updates. This means that a status update etc will be featured at the top of your friends News Feed, there will be no disernible characteristics to highlight it beyond its position in the feed. The test is working in two ways, one where users have to pay a small fee and the other allowing users to do it for free. Facebook have said that this is a simple experiment to gauge interest in this kind of functionality. TechCrunch have an interesting break down of the test here.

Bing Social Search

Last week Microsoft announced the integration of social networks into Bing‘s search results. Handling it in a very different way to Google’s “Search, Plus Your World” announcement, Bing looks to become a real alternative to the established search giant. We wrote about this one last week which you can read here.

Google+ Hangouts On Air

Another week and another Google+ announcement. This time for what is the network’s killer feature, Hangouts. For a while now Google has been running “On Air” Hangouts with celebrities and politicians (namely President Obama) and allowing a select few to hold their own Hangouts On Air. Now after the clear success that this has been, and probably due to the large number of messages they will have been getting from people requesting to use the On Air feature, Google are releasing the Hangouts On Air to everyone. This is fantastic news and the potential for marketing purposes is huge. Expect to see interviews with CEOs, celebrity endorsements, surprise Hangouts, consumer focus groups, special screenings and much more in the very near future.

Tumblr Announces Storyboard

Tumblr has become a place full of fantastic pieces of content. Once you start scrolling on your dashboard it is very hard to stop and you end up getting lost in a world of wonderment… (ahem sorry slight fanboyitus). Basically, there is a huge amount of stuff on there and some of the best stuff gets lost. So to help get eyeballs on the best of the best…stuff… Tumblr has launched its own curation blog called Storyboard.

It’s a great initiative which shows just how powerful the young blogging platform has become. Storyboard will also be revealing interesting  stats about various trends that exist within the network. The first one is an infographic on F*ck Yeah blogs, if it exists it probably has a F*ck Yeah Tumblr.

SoundCloud Announces 15million Users And A New Look

The audio social network has grown quickly since announcing 10 million users in January. Hitting 15 million users last week, the team announced Next SoundCloud, the new look and functionality that is currently being tested in a closed beta for select users.

The new announcements were:

See more:

  • A more interactive waveform player
  • A simpler and more attractive profile
Share more:
  • New reposts let your friends, fans and followers repost your sounds and sets for others to hear
  • Real-time notifications to keep you up-to-date the second something happens
Hear more:
  • Play your sounds continuously: press play, explore and keep listening
  • Forget playlists. Sets let you build collections of sounds you like in one Waveform
Find more:
  • Easier and more intuitive navigation, including keyboard shortcuts
  • New search with faster, better results and search suggestions
SoundCloud has a number of high profile users from deadmau5 to Snoop Dogg and is becoming a great service to share not only music but other interesting audio segments and podcasts. As it grows in size it needs to be another network that is considered as part of a companies communications strategy. As ever those that get there first and establish themselves will be the winners in the long run.
Foursquare Personalised Coupons
In an effort to begin to become profitable, Foursquare has announced personalised coupons. This new service will be part of an updated app that is due for launch in July.
“We’ll essentially be offering promoted placement of specials within our redesigned app, targeted using the same technology that powers Explore, and some other premium features,” a Foursquare spokesperson tells Mashable.”
As ever, this sounds like something with a lot of potential if location sharing and the Foursquare network begin to grow to the kind of numbers that we see on other niche networks e.g. Instagram. However, despite some dedicated users (like yours truly), location sharing has a long way to go but Crowly and his team are in this for the long haul.
“Video sharing and photo sharing are fundamentally different than location sharing,” he said. “People are still warming to the idea of location sharing. We are inventing this category, or really pushing it forward.”
The Foursquare CEO also hinted at another new service, stating:
“We’re getting really good at connecting people with places, and connecting those places with people,” Crowley said in the interview. “Instead of serving up places we think you might be interested in, we can do the same things for businesses, and [tell them] these are the folks that are most likely to come here, based upon their check-in habits, based upon the places they’ve been to and their friends have been.”
Check out this Mashable article for a some more info.

Wrist Kitteh

And there we have it, Issue 8 of #TheStream has come to a close. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

#TheStream – Issue 5

Hello again and welcome to this week’s #TheStream; our weekly look back on the previous seven days in social, tech and marketing. It’s been a hectic weekend for us here at Headstream towers as we announced the Social Brands 100 shortlist on Friday. If you haven’t seen it yet follow this link to check it out.

First off today, on this St George’s day, we are wishing the ZX Spectrum a very happy 30th birthday. It’s the computer that started a lot of people off on their journey’s with technology in the UK and so it is only right that we give Clive Sinclair and his revolutionary device the nod they deserve.

Today's Google Doodle

New Facebook Ad Metric

Good news for paid advertising, Facebook are going to be rolling out an extra metric to allow campaign managers to see what actions users take after they see an ad. These actions will include comments, shares, app use and Credits spent providing very valuable insight allowing those running Facebook ads to further fine-tune how the ads are operating.

The new Actions Facebook ad metric

For more information check out Inside Facebook’s breakdown.

Even The Biggest Brands Can Get Caught Out

Vogue Spain got themselves in a bit of hot water over the last few days by appearing to steal two photos from a popular Instagram user’s photos and attempting to pass them off as their own!

Spot the difference?!

This isn’t the first time that a major brand has been caught out in this way and it certainly won’t be the last although we wish it would be. In our experience this comes down to a lack of judgment and experience with teams or individuals who haven’t worked with online communities before. Very rarely is it the case that it is malicious or knowingly done by those involved, and most likely was quite a shock to those who work in the social team at Vogue Spain. So while we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, it was stupid to directly lift content from someone with 72,000 followers on Instagram. It’s safe to say they have learnt the hard way and we hope will be more careful in the future with other people’s content.

It’s pleasing to see that Vogue Spain have apologised, however, it is a bit late.

Too little too late?

For the complete story head on over to The Next Web.

Mashable + Google+ = Editorial Excellence

Last week the Google Adsense blog uploaded this video interview with Mashable’s Community Manager, Meghan Peters, where she describes how they use the new social platform.

The video and corresponding blog post highlight how the unique features of Google+ can be used to really enhance a brand’s online activity. Meghan’s three top tips for using Google+ are:

  • Be active Meghan credits Mashable’s success in part to its strong and persistent presence on Google+. “We’re pretty hands-on. We have someone in there posting and moderating every day… which I think has been really important for us to maintain a presence there.”
  • Add Google+ plugins When Mashable added the Google+ badge to their homepage, they increased their Google+ page audience by 38 per cent. Mashable also uses the +1 button on articles and across the site to empower sharing to Google+.
  • Co-create Another key to keeping Mashable’s fans engaged is its innovative approach to audience interaction and brand co-creation. A contest run via Mashable’s site to design their Google+ page sparked a wave of enthusiasm. As Meghan recalls, “We got really good feedback once we posted [the winning design]. A lot of people thought it was really cool – not only that the design was good-looking – but also that we did a contest like that and let people have the opportunity to participate.”

These are some great pointers and if you aren’t already we recommend you follow Meghan on Twitter to see some more great tips and general thoughts on the latest in social.

Gnip Partner With Tumblr To Offer Exclusive Firehose Access

Just a few posts then...

The company who were the first to offer access to the Twitter firehose have done it again by becoming the first to offer complete access to the Tumblr firehose.

“I’m thrilled to announce that the full firehose of public Tumblr posts is now available exclusively from Gnip. Tumblr is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. Much of this growth is fueled by the enormous number of conversations that are unique to the Tumblr community. These conversations cover a huge range of subjects, from movies, TV shows and fashion to business, apparel and consumer products.”

The potential here is huge as we saw when developers gained access to the Twitter firehose for the first time. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some great uses of the Tumblr data in the very near future and we’ll be highlighting our favourites right here as well as thinking of our own ideas.

To whet your appetite check out these Tumblr facts as provided by Gnip:

  • 50 million new posts every day
  • 15 billion page views every month
  • 20 billion total posts
  • 300% traffic growth last year
Sounds tasty!
‘Tumblr’ Overtaking ‘Blog’ In Google Searches
Some more good news for the young blogging platform come social network, it looks like searches in Google for the word Tumblr will soon be overtaking searches for blog! This is an incredible feat for the platform as it shows that Tumblr is now reaching the forefront of people’s minds when searching for content online. XKCD blogger Randall Munroe put together this graph highlighting the data:

Tumblr is gonna get ya!

Twitter IPA (No Not The Alcoholic Kind)

Last week the information network announced the Innovators Patent Agreement. With the surge in patent disputes in recent times, Twitter have decided to take action and have unveiled what they believe to be the future of patent agreements within organisations.

“The IPA is a new way to do patent assignment that keeps control in the hands of engineers and designers. It is a commitment from Twitter to our employees that patents can only be used for defensive purposes. We will not use the patents from employees’ inventions in offensive litigation without their permission. What’s more, this control flows with the patents, so if we sold them to others, they could only use them as the inventor intended.”

The blog post from Adam Messinger, VP of Engineering at Twitter, has been taken as a breath of fresh air by many and hopefully we’ll see this kind of thinking rolled out across other companies very soon.

Google Brand Impressions

In Google’s latest “Think Quarterly” magazine, they have created a Brand Impressions tool for people to be able to see what impact companies are having online. It generates an infographic from different areas of Google data which can then be manipulated and compared alongside data from other brands. It is a great free tool and one we recommend you go and have a play with.


And for this weeks lolcat:


Thanks for reading and as ever gives your thoughts in the comments below or send us a Tweet or two.

Until next week!

#TheStream – Issue 4

Happy 4sqDay everyone!

It’s issue 4 of #TheStream and although we’ve already covered the biggest news from last week in issue 3 (how could you miss the $1B Instagram buyout news?!) there is still plenty to talk about.

Google+ gets a major facelift

With the announcement that Google+ has 170 million users (interpret “user” in your own way) came a brand new look for Google’s social product.

The social team at Google are clearly working to get brand new features launched very quickly to catch up to its rivals and outdo them in a few areas. The new look is a very welcome one (although the vast amount of white space has annoyed a few people). It makes it much easier to navigate on your home screen and in our opinion is a vastly better experience than the one Facebook currently offers from its Newsfeed which still looks very cluttered.

Google+ has been implemented across almost the entire Google product network with the G+ notifications and share button appearing in the top righthand corner. By placing these features across different products Google is ensuring that more and more people will be aware of, and active on, the network. This also ensures that there is a consistent user experience across all the products making sure that people spend more time with Google as a whole not just one product.

The individual profiles also got an upgrade aligning them much closer with the recent Facebook Timeline upgrade; although this is more in looks than functionality.

All in all this is a great upgrade for Google+ and we can expect much more to be arriving very soon. Hopefully one of those will be a solid open API for others to develop on.

Spotify Play Button

This has been something that people have been asking for for a long time and has finally arrived. It is now possible to embed tracks, albums and playlists into websites using Spotify’s new Play button. Spotify has also been plugged directly into Tumblr allowing users to add the Play widget to their blog without having to look at a single piece of code. Just search for the song etc that you are looking for and blog away!

The new button is an effort from Spotify to drive more users to their music platform and create more exposure for artists by making it even easier for people to share and discover music. This has the potential to really cement the platform as the music service for the web and makes the threat to iTunes, Amazon and Google Play even more apparent.

p.s. oh yeah and the Chili’s are now on Spotify, result!

Pinterest Campaign Experiments – Harrods and

Pinterest has been a hot topic since the end of last year when it saw an incredible amount of growth so it is not surprising to see more brands beginning to experiment with it’s potential. The latest in the UK being Harrods and who are running competitions using the platform as their form of entry.

Although hardly groundbreaking uses of Pinterest this does highlight how easy it is to create some compelling competition mechanics using the social network that is now the third biggest in the US. Have a read of The Wall’s article on how they are running these campaigns.

WordPress Dominates Blogging

As it turns out WordPress is the number one blogging platform in the top 100 blogs, who’d have thunk it?!

At the moment WordPress currently powers over 73 million blogs worldwide and is clearly still the platform of choice for many people/companies. This is a real testament to the hard work the WordPress team have been doing to make the platform more user friendly and is a big win for open source initiatives.

Don’t underestimate Tumblr however which currently powers over 51 million blogs and is still a web sharing machine!

Hilary Clinton (and her staff) have a good sense of humour

If you missed the awesome fun that was the meme blog last week best get yourself over there now to enjoy the comedy. Hilary Clinton herself even got in on the action:

This submission prompted the closure of the blog, which was probably a good call from its creators as in their words “Is it really possible to top a submission from the Secretary herself? No.”

Facebook begins Offers rollout (sort of)

Facebook last week began its beta testing of their new Offers product. Offers replaces the Deals product that was tied to locations a la Foursquare specials and was abandoned by Facebook last year due to low usage. Tied to a brand page it works just like a status update that can quickly spread through users’ interactions on the platform. This could be a really great new product for businesses of all sizes and will likely make advertising on Facebook more attractive to a wider range of people as they see the potential with Offers.

Argentina’s Smart Car Twitter account animation

Very clever little animation using Twitter updates.

Lol cat

And finally this week’s lolcat!

So there we have it! Hope you enjoyed this weeks #TheStream, add your thoughts to the comments below.

Until next week!