Headstream’s Social Bento: 2nd May 2014

Got Some Time? Get Coasting!

The launch of mobile browser Opera Coast (3.0) was rolled out last week and we have spent the last week playing around on the software. In a realm where safari has previously reigned, Opera Coast threatens to disrupt the status quo with its simplistic and clean approach to online surfing. With easy navigation and predictive search, the browser makes the entire web appear like an app and by placing content-heavy sites at the centre of the interface, it makes the process of retrieving snackable content quick and easy for a user. Best thing about it too, it’s free! However are we ready to wave bye-bye to safari just yet?


The Verbal Selfie

Two years ago Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls publicised the first ‘verbal selfie’ when he tweeted his own name, assumedly by accident. On Monday, this mistake committed by a then Twitter-novice, returned to rear its ugly head to mark its anniversary. However its head wasn’t too ugly, in fact the topic even began trending when Twitter users far and wide all harmoniously retweeted the tweet at 4.20pm.  Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls himself even joined in and acknowledged the meme on the day, alongside brands like Red Bull tweeting; ‘Red Balls’ and the Oscar selfie being redesigned in Balls’ honour. #EdBallsDay


 Birdseye Picture House Instagram Campaign:

This week saw the launch of a new campaign by food brand Birds Eye. The campaign celebrates the opening of Birds Eye’s new Picture House restaurant and coincides with the launch of their new Inspirations range, a premium collection of evening meals. To celebrate the launch, Birds Eye has given customers the chance to win a table at the new Picture House restaurant. Entries to the competition consist of individuals snapping a picture of an inspiring evening meal time dish, upload to Instagram and accompany it with the hash-tag #BirdsEyeInspirations. Three winners will then get to dine at the new Picture House restaurant, where diners are urged to leave their wallets at home by paying for their meals with a simple Instagram photo. The Picture House restaurant opens up for business on 14th may at the Ice Tank in London. We love the idea of a restaurant where you pay for your meal with an Instagram photo, now we just need other restaurants to follow suit!


Share Your Secrets Across The Globe:

Popular anonymous Secret app, was rolled out to the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia this week. Previously only available in the US, the app lets you share your deepest secrets anonymously with the contacts in your phone book. With just your location being visible, the app gives away no visible identifying details. With English speaking countries being targeted first for the roll out of the app, co founder Chrys Bader-Wechseler said they are developing ways to bring the app to non English speaking countries. As well as Secret being available in new countries, there will also be a version for Android too. No set date has been set on all these new developments, but reports say it could happen within the next few weeks. So you haven’t got long to start thinking of those juicy secrets you want to share.


 Instagram Is Great For Marketers Right Now:

A new report by Forrester Research this week urged marketers to use Instagram right now. As new statistics show consumers are more likely to engage with brands posts on the photo sharing network. With brands generating 58 times more engagement per follower on Instagram then what they do on Facebook, and 120 times more than on Twitter. The reasons behind these stats are that Instagram is ‘less cluttered’ than other social sites, meaning that brands content doesn’t get lost amongst a flurry of other posts. Also Instagram doesn’t filter out brand posts such as other networks such as Facebook do and finally, Instagram’s user base is typically younger than the other main networks, which helps brands because younger users typically engage more with brands on social sites. However the report also said how Instagram will only be delivering these results for a short time. With more marketers and users jumping on-board the Instagram bandwagon, the platform will be forced to filter it’s content so that content delivered is only specific to the user, which would have a knock on effect for brands. So the conclusion from the Forrester Research report is that marketers should be joining Instagram now; that is if they haven’t already.


Apple iWatch In Production:

It was only a few weeks ago, that we were getting excited about the new Google watches that were coming out, but now it seems it’s time to get excited again as Apple’s new iWatch has reportedly gone into production. With release set to be in the later months of 2014, with production of 3 million devices in the second quarter of the year then expanding to 14 to 15 million in the third quarter. The watch is set to be a wearable computer; we suspect it’s going to be like having the iPhone on your wrist. However with Wearable’s going down in popularity with a recent poll of 49% of Americans believing they are just a fad, can Apple work their magic on the Wearables market? We are excited to see their version that’s for sure.

 Just Go Do It:

With the bank holiday weekend just a few hours away, we are excited to be having a break. However if you’ve got a goal to do over the weekend for example finally starting those morning jogs in time for the summer, this new website may give you the push you need. ‘Go fucking do it’ is the website (don’t worry we’re not swearing at you unnecessarily!) and the name is pretty much self-explanatory. The new website urges you to enter your goals and when you want to achieve them by and then if you don’t, you have to pay up to a referee that you nominate at the beginning of your goal date. Would this inspire you to get those goals done that you’ve set yourself? With just over a week of the site being live, over $10,000 of pledges have been created! Seems like the idea of paying someone if you don’t achieve your goal is working for a lot of people! Now go on that run!


Twitter To Introduce New Whisper Mode?

Although Twitter will remain a public network, this week CEO Dick Costolo announced a new whisper feature that could be hitting our timelines soon. Not to be confused or to replace the DM feature, the new whisper mode, means that you can take a conversation from a string of tweets and use them as a jumping point to start a DM conversation. So if you want to show your friend or more than one friend, something that is being publically spoken about, the whisper mode will make that simple transition from the public to a private conversation. It’s also set tongues wagging that Costolo mentioned ‘more than one friend.’ Does this mean that Twitter will be enabling group messages soon too? As it stands there is currently no release date of when the ‘whisper mode’ will be introduced into everyone’s Twitter feeds, although it has been reported that some may be seeing it already, however it’s reported to be unlikely that it is called ‘whisper mode.’ What do you think of the new idea of a whisper function on Twitter? It’s something, we think we’ll only be able to get our heads round once we’ve actually seen it in action, however the idea of group DMs is something that excites us greatly.

 Snapchat: More Chat Than Snap.

On Thursday, Snapchat released a new interesting feature for users. Chat, now means that Snapchat isn’t just about a quick snap of what you’re up to, you can now Chat face-to-face with your contacts too. By swiping your contacts in your inbox, you can Chat with your friends whilst witnessing their reactions; users able to show them in real life what they were going to snap an image of. After you’ve finished your conversation, messages and pictures viewed by the both of you will be cleared, however you can still screen shot anything that you may want to keep. Snapchat is proving its popularity with users, and the new Chat feature is an exciting one. What do you think of the new Chat? Or did you prefer to snap?

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Building an FMCG Social Brand – The Whitepaper

Over the past three weeks we have broken down our research about building an FMCG social brand into three easy to digest presentations. Here is the full piece of research presented as one whitepaper:

We welcome any thoughts or comments you have on the paper and also please share and feel free to use as you may need.

Muddy Boots Foods – Social Brands 100 Q&A

As part of our Social Brands 100 campaign for 2013 we have sat down with one of last years nominated brands, Muddy Boots Foods, and asked them a series of questions about how they approach social and what their hopes are for 2013.

Roland and Miranda from Muddy Boots Foods – Image Source: Farmers Weekly

Hello again, Miranda. Muddy Boots Foods has ranked on Social Brands 100 for the last two years. Nice work! You mentioned last year that, compared to 2011, you’d seen a significant increase in people contacting you using social media. What changes did you see in 2012?

I have found 2012 really interesting for social media. I feel like the users are settling into a rhythm now somehow and that I’m getting better at using it too.

I’ve noticed that there are fewer consumers using Twitter – 80% of our followers are small businesses, media or people in the same industry as us. I needed to retune my Twitter voice for this so that, from a marketing point of view, I remember I’m not promoting our brand to consumers. Instead, I’m having conversations with a valuable community that can either share experiences with me or help lead me to marketing opportunities.

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Building an FMCG Social Brand – Part 3

Over the previous two weeks we presented part 1 and part 2 of our report on Building an FMCG Social Brand. Today we unveil part 3 – Post Purchase Experience and Advocacy

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

This report was created over a 12 month period as part of the Social Brands 100 2012 report.  If you would like to know more about Social Brands 100 2013 please do visit the site. We are in the process of analysing over 850 brands and will announce the 100 shortlisted brands on April 23rd with the final ranking announced in May.
In the mean time please do follow the Social Brands 100 Twitter account and use the official hashtag #SB100. You can also join us on the official Facebook page for the report.

Building an FMCG Social Brand – Part 2

Last week we presented Part 1 of our ‘Building an FMCG Social Brand’ report which focused on the initial consideration of the consumer decision journey. This week we are proud to show you Part 2 – Active Evaluation:

Let us know what you think in the comments below.
This report was created over a 12 month period as part of the Social Brands 100 2012 report.  If you would like to know more about Social Brands 100 2013 please do visit the site. We are in the process of analysing over 850 brands and will announce the 100 shortlisted brands on April 23rd with the final ranking announced in May.
In the mean time please do follow the Social Brands 100 Twitter account and use the official hashtag #SB100. You can also join us on the official Facebook page for the report.

Building an FMCG Social Brand – Part 1

As part of our Social Brands 100 activity for 2012 we examined the global social media marketing communication activity of FMCG brands over a 12 month period. From this we have produced a report that we will be releasing over the next three weeks in bite sized chunks.

To provide structure to the FMCG social media activity we have segmented the examples featured into three key phases of the consumer decision journey:

1) Initial Consideration – Trigger
2) Active Evaluation – Information gathering, shopping and buying
3) Post Purchase Experience and Advocacy

So without further ado we present Part 1 – Initial Consideration

Let us know what you think in the comments below.
Next week we’ll be publishing Part 2 – Active Evaluation.

Building a Gaming social brand

It’s gaming mega-franchise launch season with Halo 4 released this week, and Call of Duty Black Ops II set to explode onto the scene on November 13th. As these top gaming titles continue to cement their status as the biggest entertainment franchises out there, the stakes for marketers in the sector get higher and higher.

To provide our perspective on how gaming sector marketers can take full advantage of social media, and potentially reduce the huge launch budgets that now characterise the industry, we’ve produced the lovely whitepaper below. Enjoy, and do tell us what you think :)