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So last night Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S; to many it was a disappointment (really? 64GB HD, 8mp camera, 1080p video recording, Siri technology, A5 duo-core chip and you are disappointed?) but to others it was just the excuse they were looking for to upgrade to the latest from the guys at Cupertino. This is not what I am here to write about however, this article is about a very clever event that occurred shortly after from the makers of another well known series of handsets.

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In it to 'Twin' It

As they say you’ve got to be in it to win it, or ‘Twin’ it – the new term for competitions run solely via Twitter. At the end of last year we ran a successful Twitter competition between Samsung Cameras and Grazia magazine. This time we’ve been at it again for Carte Blanche’s new animated eCard service, www.NoPostie.com.

Teaming up with Glamour Magazine’s UK Twitter feed, we gave away some Barry M make-up goodies, along with a free annual subscription to the NoPostie service. All users had to do was visit the website and tweet their answer to the question.

Witha  substantial amount of entries just in one afternoon, do you think Twitter competitions are the way forward?

Glamour twitter Barry M 27.01.10

Samsung team up with Grazia to reward readers

Last week we were lucky enough to work with Grazia Magazine’s Twitter stream to help drive awareness and engagement of Samsung Cameras dedicated blog, Shutter Chatter. www.shutterchatter.co.uk is a photography blog curated by a series of guest bloggers, all talking about their life and how photography integrates into their daily experiences.

In order to spread the word to the masses about the blog, we brokered a partnership with Grazia offering their Twitter followers the chance to win a £100 TopShop gift card every day for five days – all they had to do was visit the blog and answer the daily question! Hundreds of entries ensued and traffic to the blog increased twenty-fold!

Why not visit the blog yourself and leave a comment?


Samsung i8910 HD

The i8910 HD handset is aimed at the premium and high end market, with a two year contract attached. It is therefore imperative we appealed to a user that wants real value add and a ‘high end’ user experience; the core audience is 26-44 young professionals, who are interested in both the business as well as the creative multimedia aspects to the phone.

Samsung Mobile wanted to run, in association with Orange, a unique bloggers competition to support the launch of the Samsung i8910 HD handset. As such our objectives were as follows:

• Drive sales of the Samsung i8910 HD handset

• Raise awareness and increase share of voice among key influencers post press event in association with Future Shorts (Wed 3rd June)

• Demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to listening to and engaging with social media

• Support Orange partnership

In order to achieve this we used the information gathered from the social media audit, specifically key bloggers in the landscape to create a campaign that sparked interest in the key demographics.

We selected key bloggers and partnered with them and their online properties. We offered them an i8910HD handset to give away to their followers. Samsung and Orange supplied the handset as well as other assets to support the product both pre and post launch.

To add a bit of variety to the format we gave each of the ten bloggers the opportunity to create their own format for the competition. We supplied all the assets and they added their own unique style.

By allowing the bloggers to create their own competitions we added a bit of spice to the typical competition format, there was be ten different competitions. More importantly, the blogger was able to cater the competition to his or her audience which lead to a higher conversion rate.

The results have been fantastic with the blogs featuring the competition to their users in prominent places, sparking a lot of interest. As a combined total, the sites have a monthly user count of just under 60 million unique users.

Twitter crowdsourcing, promotion and user generated content

The following is an example of the Twitterati engaging with their followers and crowdsourcing ideas for a completely transparent and viral promotion…

Jason Bradbury @jasonbradbury is a respected UK TV presenter and children’s author and well known for being the presenter of Five TV’s The Gadget Show where he tests the latest kit in the most perilous situations.

Most recently he has been testing the Samsung i8910HD phone as part of the blogger/Twitter campaign managed by Headstream.

Because Jason is very interactive on Twitter it made perfect sense for him to engage with his Twitter followers and give the phone away by crowdsourcing for ideas on how the promotion should be set up to win the handset.

On Tuesday 4th August 2009 Jason tweeted:

@jasonbradbury: I’ve got a Samsung i8919HD phone to give away! FREE! I want ideas for Twitter/my blog 4 how to give it away!?

Following this tweet Jason was then contacted by many of his followers with ideas and suggestions, but both Jason and Twitter did not come to a conclusion, so he communicated with Twitter that he will be back the next day to discuss.

 On Friday 5th August 2009 Jason then arranged with followers to be around at 1pm so that they could communicate with him and he could crowdsource ideas:

@jasonbradbury:.. So come on then :-) ideas for how I should give one of u lot a new Samsung i8910HD. It was given to me and I thought I’d give it to u :-)

 Again Jason received a huge volume of responses to this with creative ideas with the central theme of dead/old phones being the dominant theme.  Jason then tweeted:

 @jasonbradbury:.. or how about #ZombiePhone. I pick from the best #ZombiePhone images of you acting like a living dead next to your old, dead phone?  

 The Twitter community then provided their input into the #ZombiePhone promotion and a couple of responses from the hundered supported this idea:

 @sarahjane365: #ZombiePhone I think I would win since I have about ten old dead phones in my possession

@madgerald: Love the #ZombiePhone idea

 This Twitter crowdsourcing helped cement the competition mechanic for Jason:

 @jasonbranbury: Your ideas rock – but I like #ZombiePhone. So here come the rules of the competition!!!

 @jasonbradbury: #ZombiePhone. 1) Free phone to best pic of undead phone & user 2) use hashtag 3) I pick my fave 9.30am Monday 10 Aug.

You can follow the engagement around the #ZombiePhone competition with some really creative user generated content up until 9.30am GMT on Monday 10th August.

Engagement equals financial success

Recent research carried out by Altemeter Group and Wetpaint amongst the world’s 100 most valuable brands, has found that socially engaged companies are in fact more financially successful.

The 100 brands studied are acknowledged for setting the standards in marketing as defined by the Business Week / Interbrand “Best Global Brands 2008” rankings.

Research methodology was based upon social media channels such as blogs, discussion forums, photo sharing sites, social networks, wikis, Twitter and YouTube. Each social media channel was then evaluated in conjunction with the respective level of engagement.

In other words companies getting involved in the conversation with their fans, friends and customers on a regular basis and being active in those spaces through continuing engagement and two-way dialogue.

Engagement Scores of Top 100 Global Brands

Engagement Scores of Top 100 Global Brands

To measure financial performance against social media engagement business performance in terms of revenue, gross margin and net margin performance were evaluated on a last twelve month basis. You can download the complete report here to see the research methodology in more detail.

Brands were segmented into four engagement profiles. They are known as Mavens, Butterflies, Selectives and Wallflowers:

Brands Fall Into One of Four Engagement Profi les

Brands Fall Into One of Four Engagement Profiles

Maven - These brands are engaged in seven or more channels and have an above-average engagement score. Brands like Starbucks and Dell are able to sustain a high level of engagement across multiple social media channels. Mavens not only have a robust strategy and dedicated teams focused on social media, but also make it a core part of their go-to-market strategy. Companies like these could not imagine operating without a strong presence in social media.

Butterflies - These brands are engaged in seven or more channels but have lower than average engagement scores. Butterfl ies like American Express and Hyundai have initiatives in many different channels, but tend to spread themselves too thin, investing in a few channels while letting others languish. Their ambition is to be a Maven and they may get there — but they still struggle with getting the full buy-in from their organizations to embrace the full multi-way conversation that deep engagement entails.

Selectives – These brands are engaged in six or fewer channels and have higher than average engagement scores. Selectives like H&M and Philips have a very strong presence in just a  few channels where they focus on engaging customers deeply when and where it matters most. The social media initiatives at these brands tend to be lightly staffed — if they are at all, meaning that by default, they have to focus their efforts. These are beachheads, started by an impassioned evangelist with a shoestring budget.

Wallflowers – These brands are engaged in six or fewer channels and have below-average engagement scores. Wallflowers like McDonalds and BP are slow to or are just getting started, dipping their toes into social media waters. They are still trying to figure out social media by testing just a few channels. They are also cautious about the risks, uncertain about the benefits, and therefore engage only lightly in the channels where they are present.

We were excited to see that Samsung were ranked no. 26 as Headstream have recently helped the brand engage with football fans in support of their award winning sponsorship of Chelsea FC http://www.samsungfootball.co.uk though social media optimisation and on-going social media engagement. Although listed as a ‘Butterfly’, Samsung as a global brand are very much engaging with their audience and so we hope to see their engagement profile shift toward ‘maven’ within the next 12 months.

It is important to note that these findings are based on brands being deeply engaged with social media.

The key takeaway from the study is exactly what we advise our clients before getting involved in the conversation. It is important to select the right channel for the brand by listening first where the conversation is taking place and take the brand to these spaces. Engage with consumers long term is where real value can be achieved. Quite simply we fish where the fish are rather than spreading a brand too thinly across the social web.

Life through a lens with Shutter Chatter from Samsung

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new Samsung Camera Blog – Shutter Chatter.

The blog has been designed to fit right into the Samsung Camera site, and will be updated with posts by many guest bloggers chatting about their life experiences with the support of photographs taken with Samsung Digital Cameras. Each guest blogger favours different areas of photography, from wildlife, sports action shots, music events, profiles and landscapes.

Over the coming months the guest bloggers will create posts about their experiences with Samsung Cameras, and share the photos they have been able to take. We will also be inviting other guest bloggers to join the community in the coming weeks.  The aim of the blog is to spark conversations about photography. Anybody can comment on the posts, and share items they like with their social networks quickly and easily, which we hope will encourage some interesting discussions. 

Shutter Chatter also has a presence on Twitter and Flickr, with regular updates and interactions as well as a group photo pool.