A social take on recruitment

Creative agency Poke is taking a social approach to the recruitment of, funnily enough, its new Social Media Manager. They  spent Friday interviewing interested candidates on Twitter.

It’s not the first time a company has tested people’s social skills in the recruitment process, but Poke’s approach seems to fit really well with their brand.  Not only that, it’s managed to communicate a sense of what it must be like to work there.

Rebecca Rosier, currently in post, is managing the recruitment of the new her via @findanewrebecca.  In a few short tweets and a blog post, she communicated the scope of the role, and what life at Poke is like in way that would immediately filter out at least a certain number of people who might not be suitable, but also to whet the appetite of anyone who’s interested.

Using a series of hashtags, Rebecca tweeted out questions to test the creative and strategic thinking of interested followers. She was quick to respond to questions and encouraged participants along the way. The challenges covered the spectrum of issues any self respecting Social Media Manager should be able to handle, from creative ideas to seed out campaigns, handling disgruntled members of the community and, of course, correcting self-made mistakes.

At any given time during the day, about 20 dedicated tweeps were responding to Rebecca’s tasks. Not bad going given the original blog post only went up on Poke’s website a couple of days beforehand. All in all, a clever move on the part of Poke – displaying true social behaviour appropriate to both the role and the company.

There is no news yet as to who’s been selected to go forward to the next round, but good luck to all the participants. It’s hard enough to be tested in an interview situation, but to have to do so on Twitter calls for an extra thick skin.

Got a job vacancy? Turn to social recruiting

As well as contuining to recruit via professional online networks, such as Linked In, more and more companies are turning to social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, as part of their strategy to fill  job vacancies.

Termed ‘social recruiting’, this cost-effective and efficient method is proving a hit with employers as not only does it help source quality candidates, it also improves brand visibility for the employer.

But what if you’re the one looking for the job? Your presence on social networks can boost your career and enhance your prospects of finding a job, but beware when using them for personal reasons. Companies are increasingly using social networks to investigate applicants before they hire them, so make sure any of your previous posts don’t come back to haunt you!

The key to making it work for you is to ensure you build up your own social network, even when you’re not actively looking for a job, as you never know when you might need to tap into your contacts.

Headstream is recruiting!

We are on the look out for some awesome new recruits to join the fold at Headstream HQ, specifically a super Senior Account Manager and an amazing Account Executive. We’re looking for people who have digital marketing and /or PR experience and are passionate about social media. Cake baking ability is desired but not essential.

We work with some amazing clients, so we are looking for some great candidates to fill these roles and join our team. If you live for social media, go crazy for blogging and can’t get enough of Twitter we want to talk to you – give Fran an email to get the ball rolling.

A bit more info on the jobs:

Senior Account Manager
You will provide excellent account management to Headstream’s clients, manage executives, and become part of our close knit team, with a focus on making our customers and the agency happy.

You will need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the development of clients in terms of fees spent, client retention, and satisfaction. As well as getting the most out of the existing clients you will be heavily involved in identifying, cultivating, and securing new business opportunities.

Account Executive
You will provide support and cover for the client service team with a focus on total customer satisfaction and agency objectives. We like to see evidence of work experience, but we love enthusiasm for communications and all things digital. No two hours are ever the same here, so you’ll need to be hard working with the ability to keep smiling while spinning plates.

Headstream welcomes Maleena!

maleenaI am the new recruit here at Headstream headquarters and have nearly completed my first fortnight working on the digital and social media PR team!

Suffice to say it has already been an interesting and challenging start as we are very lucky to be working on some very exciting campaigns! I have recently moved down from the ‘big smoke’ where I was working on experiential campaigns for entertainment brands such as Sony Ericsson.

Time to grab the specs and get back online!

Introducing Mike Philips – Headstream's new recruit!

n286100256_2528830_1731Hey, I’m Mike – Headstream has asked me to write a short introduction, so here goes.

Ever since I was a kid I was sort of obsessed with the internet and how easy it was to get information. I built my first website for fun when I was 11 and started getting paid to do it a few years later. In school we were encouraged to find pen pals and send them letters; I was the only one in the class who used email, I sent some pictures of my garden. Ever since then I have been passionate about the power of the internet and its ability to bring people together and share what is important to them.

But social media is not just something I am passionate about as a hobby; I honestly feel it’s driving a tidal shift in terms of marketing, that will see the old schools of thought being forced drastically up to date.
Many of the big brands are only just taking their first tentative steps, dipping their toes into the ocean, so to speak.
That’s why it’s really exciting to now be a part of company that is out there doing it, having already jumped in.

n286106241_5124412_7659I’m also currently writing my dissertation which will attempt to see how the role of the consumer has changed with the advent of social media. It’s my opinion that the consumer is now becoming a vital part of any campaign, and not just an audience for messages. The consumer now has the tools to easily communicate with the networks about what they like and, sometimes more importantly, what they don’t. Brands are beginning to realise the power of individuals and their networks. I think the face of marketing is about to change.

In my spare time I build websites, blog, twitter and all that stuff. When I’m not online I like to eat pudding and watch old sci fi / zombie films. So that’s me, I’m pretty much just a typical geek.