Can sponsored tweets win gold from fans?

No surprise, these are going to be the most social of games, and LOCOG will have its work cut out for it, staying vigilant for ambush marketing.  We’ve all seen it done in less than subtle ways in the past, like the incident with Dutch beer brand Bavaria at the last World Cup, but what happens when it’s the community who’s being ambushed?

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Social Brands 100 Q&A: Cadbury

Ranked in the top ten brands, Cadbury made a name for itself by embracing a Facebook campaign initiated by Wispa fans to bring back the chocolate bar. Jerry Daykin, Cadbury’s Social Media provided some insight into the brand’s approach, and why it’s an essential part of the marketing mix.

Ranking: 7

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Data Score: 147
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#TheStream Issue 10

Here we are at the 10th issue of #TheStream! How time does fly!

Social Brands 100

Well we couldn’t not mention it could we! Tomorrow we here at Headstream will be unveiling the Social Brands 100 ranking and holding an event in London to celebrate and discuss the results. Keep an eye on our @SocialBrands100 Twitter account for when the results are put live on the website.

In the meantime, have a look at the shortlist for a reminder of who has been nominated and check out this fantastic visualisation of the Twitter conversation happening around #SB100. Many thanks to Brandwatch, our official Social Brands 100 data partners for creating it.

Google CEO, Larry Page, Discusses The Future

Whilst wearing a very fetching pair of “Google Glass” glasses (Dear Google, please can I have some? – Sam), Larry Page delivered this very interesting 20 minute talk at Zeitgeist 2012, Google’s year end report discussion. It’s definitely worth watching if just to see how excited he is about his new eyewear.

And as a bonus have a look at the first video to be captured and shared by an atheltic Google employee wearing Google Glass:

London 2012 Extends Social Campaign With Foursquare

To further encourage people to get active and join in the 2012 celebrations both London 2012 and the IOC have teamed up with Foursquare.

London 2012 has had a brand page for a while but you now have the opportunity to unlock a special Torch Relay badge by checking into a location on the route. It has also been adding tips around the different Olympic venues for its 27,645 followers to enjoy.

The IOC now also has an official brand page filled with tips at venues across the globe highlighting and celebrating the rich history of the Olympic Games. With 18,954 followers on the social location platform already, this is likely to become a very popular brand to follow. They have also introduced a special Olympic Day badge that you can unlock by checking in twice to any sporting venue when doing some form of exercise before June 25th (yoga studio, beaches, gyms, tracks, stadiums, hiking trails etc). You’ll also be entered into a competition to win a trip to the 2012 Olympics!

The Next Web have a great interview with the IOC’s Head of Social Media, Alex Huot, which is worth reading for some great insights.

Facebook Rumor Mill In Overdrive – A Phone And Browser In The Works

The news and rumors from Facebook HQ seem to just keep coming since the IPO went live. This weekend saw a whole host of interesting debate around a possible Facebook phone, something that has been talked about for a long time. It appears the social platform is in recruitment central with former iPhone engineers and many others with a smart phone past joining. Whether this will result in a Facebook phone is yet to be seen, watch this space.

Check out The New York Times article for a complete breakdown of the possible phone.

The other rumor that rose its head yet again this weekend was that of a possible Facebook browser, this time it took a slightly different twist. Instead of an in-house solution being developed it appears that Mark and friends are taking a close look at Opera Software, makers of the Opera web browser, with an interest in buying.

Pocket-lint are the breakers of this rumor, here is their article. Mashable also have their own take on things.

Facebook Camera App

It’s here! Facebook’s long talked about (and very leaked) Instagram competitor has arrived in the App Store. “Wait what?! Didn’t they just buy Instagram?” I hear you cry and yes, yes they did sparky. You could compare them both (Facebook’s filters are…well there is room for Kevin and his team to give their new owners some lessons) but actually it’s not worth it as there has been a lot said already which you can find with a quick search. What this app does offer which Instagram does not is batch uploading of photos direct from your iPhone. This has been something which many have been wanting from the normal app so it is great to see Facebook now offering this.

What we are more interested in though is the design of the app as it is almost a complete departure from Facebook’s look and feel in its other apps; Facebook, Messenger and Pages. To put it simply it is a much stronger, cleaner and quicker user interface that makes the app almost a pleasure to use. This is by far their best mobile app to date and it is safe to say is a result of recent mobile acquisitions (namely the Gowalla team who had a great understanding of mobile UI design). As another standalone Facebook app, this shows great hope for future applications from Facebook, inc.

Facebook Testing Pages Regional Switching

Something which many large brands will be interested in is this little feature that it appears Facebook are currently testing out on their own marketing page.

The option allows the user to select which region to see as their default. This way they will see only the updates that are relevant to them. A very powerful tool that would be great to see rolled out to the rest of us.


And there we have it. With all the Facebook news we’re going to have call this the “news feed” soon (awful joke I’m sorry).  Any comments or questions or if you think we missed anything send us a tweet or write in the comments below.

Team Headstream ready for Vancouver 2010

If you were in the UK during the first two weeks of 2010 you would have experienced at first hand the disruption caused by the snow that piled up and decided to hang around for a while.

Those of us on Twitter went mad for the fluffy white stuff and you only need to search the hashtag #uksnow to see everyone ranking the quality of snowfall in their location.

For all at Headstream HQ, the snow could not have come at a better time as it got the team well and truly in the spirit following our successful pitch for BBC Winter Olympics social media optimisation activity – cue Ski Sunday theme tune…
Although we will not be jetting off to Vancouver with the BBC Winter Olympics team. We will however be working alongside the sports desk to establish official outposts, creating editorial calendars for content and engaging with fans of winter Olympics on both Twitter and Facebook, building conversation and generating buzz.

If you are unaware that the Winter Olympics was on this year (shame on you), it takes place in Vancouver between 12th February and 28th February.  We’ll keep you updated on the official outposts when they go live.

From The Crows Nest…..Two things to unite our world

Alright, admit it. Hand’s up who sniggered at the sight of TV’s very own Konnie Huq nervously smile through a veil of both unseasonable April snow and anticipated fear as she attempted to remain dignified whilst fending off a Beijing protester? Well I certainly did, and what’s more we can now keep track of the whereabouts of a whole host of multi-national low-key presenters as they apprehensively shuffle across the globe in their tacky tracksuits thanks to Google Earth & Maps team. The Torch Relay map allows you to follow the path of the Olympic flame, and learn about the destinations it passes through as it makes its way across numerous countries and bodies of water. Expect more controversy in the build up to the Olympics…
Elsewhere, Sky ran a story this week informing us that the Internet may well be obsolete within a decade. The future appears to be something called ‘The Grid’. It’s the brainchild of CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research based in Geneva.
But what is the Grid? In a nutshell, it is a network of linked computers connected by superfast fibre-optic cable and combining together to act as one giant super-computer. And, one day, we’ll all be connected to it.
One major household benefit is that it’s estimated that connection speeds could be 1,000 times faster than current broadband capabilities. The idea of downloading feature films in the blink of an eye, or the entire back catalogue of a musical artist in less than a second would be reality! It would also spell the end of grainy webcam images as they would be replaced by crystal clear pictures and sound, and video gaming would be transformed.
It is also expected to make huge medical breakthroughs. It’s already been used to help research anti-malarial drugs. Researchers used the Grid to analyse 140 million different compounds. The process would have taken 420 years to complete on a conventional internet-linked computer. The Grid might soon be used to help unlock the secrets of the human genome. God bless you technology! Still, I’m sure with my absurdly short-patience of computers, I’ll manage to find something wrong with it?!