#TheStream – Issue 22

It’s #TheStream time! Lets take a look back at last weeks top news in social, tech and marketing.

Facebook – 1 Billion Active Users

Good golly! They’ve done it! 1 Billion active users on the social network firmly cementing them as the top dog of social. They celebrated this mile stone with their first ad campaign… (let us know your thoughts on it, views are mixed in our office)

Source: Facebook

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#TheStream – Issue 21

Hello and welcome to issue 21 of #TheStream. Right lets crack on shall we!

Facebook Begins Deleting Fake Accounts

Last week Facebook began deleting fake accounts in an effort to squash spammers and boost confidence in their advertising platform.

Illegitimately created accounts are being deleted, and Likes gained from malware, compromised accounts, or deceived users are being removed. So no, everyone doesn’t just hate your Page’s last status update.

Many of the top Facebook Pages have seen thousands of Like’s disappear over night, but this isn’t a bad thing. It’s great to see Facebook cleaning up the fake accounts and spammers.

Source: TechCrunch

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Social networks called to adopt online abuse reporting button

This week the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre has called for all social networks to adopt its online abuse reporting button which allows young people to report online abuse and danger straight to the police. Bebo and MSN Live Messenger are among the hundreds of sites who have already added the button whereas a couple of the major networks such as Facebook and MySpace are yet to follow suit.

Facebook advises that it hasn’t adopted the button because its own system is robust but is taking extra measures in this area by urging the Government to create a way for information on registered sex offenders to be securely shared with public chat sites and social networks, so they can remove them.

A Facebook spokeswoman said, “If we can get this data from authorities we commit to removing registered sex offfenders from Facebook within days.” (nma.co.uk 11th March 2010)

It’s unfortunate that these measures are necessary, but good to see that social networks are taking action to make the online space a safe place for young people to occupy and engage.

Log in to MySpace with Facebook

It could be seen as bold or risky, but it looks like Myspace may join forces with Facebook, as a Facebook Connect partner.

This could be a great move for distributing the entertainment which is featured on MySpace (which, by far, has one of the world’s best catalogue of music and videos).

However, it runs the risk of losing the social network element to Facebook. By allowing users to log in via Facebook Connect, people can share the content on Myspace with their friends on Facebook, meaning people are less likely to bother with a MySpace profile.

Adam Ostrow said “If MySpace wants to remain relevant it has to be bold, and partnering with the site that toppled it as world’s biggest social network would certainly be that.”

Guitar Hero, Isle of Wight Festival and Twitter

Guitar Hero at Isle of Wight Festival

Headstream has been rocking out recently with Activision to help promote Guitar Hero World Tour. We have been on MySpace, getting to know the fans, and helping them get to know Guitar Hero. We’ve also been tweeting away on Twitter, letting everyone know about the latest happenings in the Guitar Hero universe, and reminding twitterers to rock out every once in a while too!

And what better way to rock out than rocking out in front of a huge crowd? Activision is giving fans the chance to actually become a Guitar Hero this weekend at the Isle of Wight Festival. Friends can challenge each other, and the best performers get to live the dream and play live on stage!

Speaking of the Isle of Wight, we’ve also been all a twitter with Red Funnel, helping them by tweeting everything from offers and news, to latest updates about the Red Hot Talent Contest.

If you are interested in all things Guitar Hero you can follow the updates @ghwt and if you want to keep a top of all things ferry, you can follow @red_funnel too.
Oh and while you are there, why not give @headstream a follow to?

Companies should ignore Web 2.0 at their own peril

Charlie McCathie from Brand Republic has been talking recently about companies needing to embrace Web 2.0 or face being pushed aside in the battle for business, according to new research…

A study conducted by management consultants Booz Allen Hamilton found that 41% of UK internet users currently access Web 2.0 sites such as YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, to connect with others in a worldwide online community and this figure is set to increase.

Booz Allen Hamilton suggests that companies need to take advantage of the social networking and video driven developments of Web 2.0 to win customers. The consultancy also advises companies to use social communities to drive buying decisions, in particular by using online forums to generate feedback.

The survey found that 43% of UK MySpace users are happy to use purchasing recommendations from unknown peers, which the study says could signal a new trend in the way consumers make buying decisions.

Other results highlighted by the survey were that newer sites have predominantly young user communities, with 50% of MySpace users under the age of 25, but older people are also turning to Web 2.0, with 24% of MySpace users in the 35-49 age bracket. This is borne out, the research says, by the finding that 25% of Amazon users are over the age of 50.

The study said: “Unless businesses recognise and respond to such trends, the shift in consumer behaviour is likely to have an adverse effect on both customer acquisition and retention. Web 2.0 has already reached a critical mass — companies must now adapt to the new paradigm. The need to evolve existing business models by integrating the Web 2.0 environment is urgent.”