Twilight Twitter

‘Twilight’ has finally leapt on the Twitter Bandwagon and has set up an account to cater for its dedicated fans. The account went live on Monday, and within 6 hours (according to an article on Mashable) it already had in excess of 22,000 followers. After just clicking on the profile now, the account has almost 68,000 people following.

The account has been tweeting exclusive tidbits about the new film which is released next month, which offers a fantastic way to create a real buzz about the upcoming instalment to the Twilight saga.

I’ll be interested to see how excited the fans become prior to the release with all the teasers that are being posted. But, as Jennifer Van Grove mentions, will the account be able to ‘keep pace with the rapid-fire retweeting of teens and tweens the world round?’

New way to watch the latest film?

An interesting new way to view films has been launched by LoveFilm – last week they hosted their first live streaming movie premiere, giving its members access to the thriller Vinyan at the same time as its West End opening and a week before the film’s theatrical release.

As Simon Morris, chief marketing officer of LoveFilm said “consumers who enjoy films will do so in a number of ways, be it at the cinema, purchasing or renting a DVD, or downloading or streaming a film online. The key is providing them with the channels and the choice to access content however they want.” (

I think it’s a great move to create a buzz around the launch of a new film, and am really excited to see how effective this could be. It could be a great way to support a social media campaign!

UK Film Council to fund early for digital marketing campaigns

The debate on the influence that social media has on lucrative box office results is still very much a hot topic at the moment. Was Twitter responsible for the slide in box office takings with Bruno, or was this simply natural behaviour by audiences that coincided with the negative responses that the film received on the micro blogging platform?
The truth is that in the case of Bruno is that it might not be so easy to tell, so we can only look to other online marketing campaigns to delve deeper and form some kind of comparison.
Take Watchmen for example, Paramount Pictures created video content that created buzz online and attracted over 3,000 Twitter followers pre release.
Caroline Parry explores this argument in her recent article for Screen International, where she questions the point that box office success depends on Twitter chatter.
Interestingly enough, she talks about a new funding trial from the UK Film Council that allows distributors to apply for money early so that they can allow for digital marketing.
I think this is a great initiative and just proves how the digital landscape is advancing at such a rate, that we all have to keep up. Film bods take note, as social media is here to stay and it might not be worth running the risk of falling behind – especially for your box office opening weekend!

Dance Flick Event

Paramount Pictures UK and talent website, joined forces this week to host a dance off event at London stations to celebrate the release of Dance Flick, the latest spoof movie from the makers of Scary Movie.

The dance off events held at London Paddington and London Victoria, invited station passengers to showcase their dance moves and battle it out in an arcade dance off. Competing against each other, commuters danced their socks off aiming to beat the highest score of the day.

Whilst awaiting their turn competitors were kept fully entertained by live street dance acts from, home of talent on the web. Video clips from Noostar’s hottest acts were played along with the Dance Flick trailer on digital screens and gave a flavour of what to expect from this hilarious new release. To check out the acts or even upload your own talent videos visit 

Dance Flick (cert 15) is released at cinemas everywhere August 21. You can find out more about the film, download cool wallpapers or even play Face Off – an online game where you can upload your face and pull the ultimate dance move – at

Dance Flick Event - Paddington - 18/08/09

Dance machine

Noostar dancers

Noostar dancers

Noostar acts

Noostar acts

Could social media fill the gap in online film distribution?

And so the debate goes on. Some might argue that the future of film distribution lies in online, while others have a more sceptical view of this issue. John Flahive managing director of Wavelength Pictures is yet to be convinced that the online experience can compete with a more traditional viewing experience. He argues that the industry has made money from audiences for whom a quality viewing experience matters.
I have to say that sometimes the cinema viewing experience can also let you down. I’m thinking full-on air conditioning, uncomfortable seats and small fortune for a bag of popcorn verses home comforts and a nice glass of wine and most importantly a pause button.
But love it or hate it the cinema experience might not be the only way in which we view film in the future. But how can film distributors capitalize on the benefits of online rather than lose out to piracy and basically be beaten by the download bug in the same way that the music industry took a huge hit?
The answer could be found in social media. Actively involving audiences in a conversation and embracing UGC, while also distributing content and assets through social media channels. Lori McDaniel agrees and thinks that social media is the right bridge to connecting online distribution with profit saying ‘When companies realize that users crave the emotional connection and fun found in social media experiences, and when these experiences are tied to accessing content…voila…repeat business, brand loyalty, and profit.’
With 19.2million users visiting a social media site in January this channel of communication is gaining momentum. We would actively encourage film and entertainment clients to start listening and engaging in this space, in order to stay ahead of the game and above all at the top of the box office charts!

Star Trek

The greatest space adventure of all time is upon us. J.J. Abrams new vision of the sci-fi action adventure has amazed fans and reinvigorated the franchise. You can imagine Headstreams’ delight as we worked alongside Paramount to raise awareness of the film and create a buzz around the theatrical release.

A number of partners came on board the campaign and enabled us to offer gadgets such as touch screen cameras, laptops and futuristic powered luggage! We also had merchandise to give away in the shape of mouse and mouse-mats, duvets and illuminating, wi-fi detecting t-shirts. We were also able to offer a number of tickets to the UK premiere in London’s Leicester Square where winners could walk the carpet with the cast.

We managed to secure coverage on a large number of male skew sites such as Zavvi, Empire, Sci-Fi Online, Sky Sports and Maxim. Although focusing on a predominantly male audience we also achieved space on a number of female sites as well as the big national newspapers and portals. Star Trek has now reached the box office and took a staggering £5.9m in its opening weekend.

Star Trek London Premiere

Headstream attended the UK premiere of Star Trek on Monday 20 April. We strolled down a blue carpet adorned with glittery Star Trek badges, through some futristic looking podiums emitting steam and into the screen. The film was introduced by the director JJ Abrams who in turn introduced the cast, Eric Bana, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Zachary Quinto, the amazingly hot Chris Pine and lastly Simon Pegg.

Star Trek cast at London premiere

‘Star Trek (cert 12A) is the incredible story of a young crew’s maiden voyage onboard the most advanced starship ever created: the U.S.S. Enterprise. On a journey filled with action, comedy and cosmic peril, the new recruits must find a way to stop an evil being whose mission of vengeance threatens all of mankind.

The fate of the galaxy rests in the hands of bitter rivals. One, James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), is a delinquent, thrill-seeking Iowa farm boy. The other, Spock (Zachary Quinto), was raised in a logic-based society that rejects all emotion. As fiery instinct clashes with calm reason, their unlikely but powerful partnership is the only thing capable of leading their crew through unimaginable danger, boldly going where no one has gone before!’

Not particularly Star Trek or sci fi fans we were unsure what to expect but were pleasantly surprised at our enjoyment of the film which receives a big thumbs up from the headstream team! We would suggest watching it in the cinema to witness the action sequences and score to their fullest.

A must see for 2009 Star Trek hits cinemas May 8.

The Young Victoria expands empire on YouTube

We are all very excited to be working with Momentum Pictures on the launch of The Young Victoria, a film from Academy Award® winners Graham King and Martin Scorsese. Lead actress Emily Blunt (Devil Wears Prada), gives a stunning performance as The Young Victoria, charting the Queen’s early rise to power – from an object of a royal power, to her romantic courtship and legendary marriage to Prince Albert. The film also features an outstanding British cast including Jim Broadbent, Mark Strong, Paul Bettany, Miranda Richardson and Rupert Friend.

To date the film trailer on YouTube has received 21,264 views so far which is a fantastic achievement considering the film does not screen until March 2009. If you take a look at the comments associated with the video, a member of the actual cast has got involved in the conversation and other viewers have replied back asking about the film; in particular what Emily Blunt as an actress was like to work with.

This is a great example of the power of social media and our ability to reach out and engage with viewers in conversation about the film.

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Kate and Leo reunite!!


We are extremely excited to see Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio back together on the big screen for the first time since Titanic! Their stunning new drama Revolutionary Road, set in 1950s America, is released on January 30.

Directed by Sam Mendes (Academy-Award winner® AMERICAN BEAUTY), from a screenplay by Justin Haythe, Revolutionary Road stars Leonardo DiCaprio (Three-time Academy Award® nominee) and Kate Winslet (Five-time Academy Award® nominee) and features an accomplished supporting cast including Academy-Award winner® Kathy Bates.

A young couple, Frank and April Wheeler (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet), living in a Connecticut suburb during the mid-1950s struggle to come to terms with their personal problems while trying to raise their two children. Determined to identify themselves as superior to the mediocre sprawl of suburbanites who surround them, they decide to move to France where they will be better able to develop their true artistic sensibilities, free of the consumerist demands of capitalist America.

As their relationship deteriorates into an endless cycle of squabbling, jealousy and recriminations, their trip and their dreams of self-fulfillment are thrown into jeopardy.

To find out more about the film visit