P&O Case Study: The Big Vote App


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P&O Cruises tasked Headstream to produce a stand out content campaign for the launch of their newest and largest cruise liner, Britannia.  At 141,000 tons, the ship is the largest to ever be built for the UK audience and is due to set sail in 2015.

Our objectives from the client were to raise awareness and create excitement of Britannia amongst new and existing customers, drive bookings, capture data of new prospects and increase engagement across P&O Cruises’ digital channels.



We conceived and developed ‘The Big Vote’.  A responsive application housed on P&O Cruises’ website and imported into Facebook.

To highlight different aspects of Britannia’s unique features, each month The Big Vote allowed users to vote on related questions about how they’d like to spend their time onboard the new cruise liner.
For example, January 2014 the app centred on the ships design.  Users were able to vote for their favourite feature of the ship and decide whether they’d prefer to relax on board either; by the pool with a cocktail, in the spa, or at the library with a good book?

After voting, users would submit their details to be entered into a monthly competition to win a cruise for two on Britannia’s maiden voyage. Smaller prizes were also up for grabs such as cookery books, and branded ship giftware.


 Engagement with the app during the first month of its launch exceeded all expectations and saw some of the highest social shares and likes for P&O Cruises content within social channels.

We also received strong click through rates to the P&O Cruises site for booking enquiries and good dwell times within the app.

For more information around the specific results of this campaign, please contact tom.chapman@headstream.com.

Social Brands 100 Case Study: Innocent

Innocent: A personal approach
This article originally appeared in the Social Brands 100.

Ranking: 1

Panel Score: 99
Data Score: 139
Social Brand Score: 238

Since its launch a little over a decade ago, Innocent has stood out for its innovative and entertaining approach to communications. Although we are now used to having our packaging ‘talk’ to us, back when Innocent’s bottles first appeared on supermarket shelves covered in distinctive illustrations and irreverent copy – a by-product of having no budget for a traditional advertising campaign at the time – it was radical.

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Reigning the passion for a brand using social. Not body butter


To find the most influential bloggers within the beauty blogosphere and reignite passion for The Body Shop. To build strong long-term relationships and encourage engagement, securing regular review coverage for the brand.


• Social media audit and analysis of the beauty blogosphere
• Creation of beauty blogger short list identifying key influencers for contact
• Creation of blogger events to showcase products and campaigns
• Hosting and relationship building at events
• Distribution of information and product to bloggers
• Press office function; responding to blogger queries


Ongoing relationships between over 60 key beauty bloggers and YouTube vloggers and The Body Shop. Over 400 pieces of coverage reviewing products from The Body Shop. Four successful beauty blogger events managed and hosted, communicating key campaign messaging, brand values and promoting new products.

Key learnings:

• It is important to make blogger contact as personal as possible and to avoid mass mailing
• Beauty bloggers prefer intimate events where they can get one-on-one time with representatives from the brand
• Events worked well split into two sessions so that the bloggers could select the most convenient time for them
• Events need an interactive element
• Beauty bloggers like exclusive content/exclusive access

Finely tuned, engineered, content planning and community management


To support the announcement of the creation of McLaren Automotive and the global launch of its first roadcar the MP4-12C.

To develop effective social activity including brand outpost set up, community management and influencer relations to communicate the launch of the MP4-12C to McLaren Automotive’s desired audience of high net-worth individuals.


We worked with the McLaren Automotive team to create a social communications plan for the launch of the MP4-12C. This included setting up a Facebook page, Twitter profile and YouTube channel. We also planned all content carefully in order to ensure that it was appropriate for the desired audience and was likely to be shared across communities. Part of this was to ensure the livestream of the press conference was seeded out to the various communities.

In order to support McLaren Automotive’s offline PR activity, we landscaped online influencers in business, tech and luxury verticals, inviting some to attend the press conference and providing others with relevant assets and information.


The MP4-12C became a trending topic on Twitter on the launch day and coverage appeared in over 70 high profile digital properties, including the New York Times, Wired, GQ and Luxist.

Key learnings:
The launch of the MP4-12C was most relevant to high net-worth individuals who would be likely to have the disposable income to be able to afford the car. This influenced the strategy and was a key consideration when planning content and landscaping influencers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Pre-Launch Social Media Strategy

In early 2010, Hollywood blockbuster Avatar took the title of biggest selling entertainment release of all time from Activision’s game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. With the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops [COD], the games publisher felt it was time to claim the title back.

The challenge for Activision was that traffic to official CallofDuty.com forums was decreasing while fan numbers on unofficial COD social sites was increasing. Activision needed to act quickly to stay part of the conversation.

In the four months before launch, we developed a social strategy with 3 core objectives:

  • Drive brand awareness
  • Generate pre-order sales
  • Reignite fans’ passion for COD across the EU

Brand Awareness Activity

Activity launched in August 2010 with a cross promotion campaign within the existing Modern Warfare 2 community to grow the COD fan base from it’s original level of 446,948.

We outreached to all influential COD sites, forums, and bloggers across Europe with compelling, interactive content, getting them ready for the launch of a lifetime. Our sister agency Five by Five designed and developed a bespoke Facebook landing tab to encourage users to like the page and get involved in the conversation. This page was supported by video and photo assets specially created for fans. Five by Five also created and produced the global pre-launch and European launch banner ad campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops, which ran across 15 territories.

COD TV at Gamescom

We set up ‘COD TV’ at Gamescom, Europe’s biggest interactive games trade fair. COD TV was a live community interview with games developer Treyarch’s community manager Josh Olin and Black Ops’ military advisor Hank Kiersey. This activity was a first for Activision and the Call of Duty franchise.

Using our social media monitoring dashboard that we manage and maintain for the global Call of Duty brand, we produced a landscape of influencers across the EU with whom we seeded content to encourage fan participation and publicise the live interview. We also engaged the community with geo-targeted posts, encouraging fans to submit questions via a bespoke Facebook application that allowed them to vote for their favourite questions.

The live interview was broadcast on Facebook via a bespoke COD TV tab in partnership with uStream.  This tab comprised of a dedicated Facebook chat forum alongside the video player that we moderated.

Pre-Order Drive

We developed a social commerce initiative featuring pre-order messages used as conversation starters on the Facebook wall and a bespoke tab, which took users to retail partner sites.

We carried out ad hoc geo-targeted posts in-line with our editorial calendar, to engage with the community.  We uploaded videos and re-designed and developed the Facebook tabs to build a strong Facebook community

COD: Black Ops Launch

Working in partnership with Xbox who developed a bespoke launch event Facebook tab, and using our existing COD TV uStream tab, we executed a 5 hour long broadcast of the UK launch event at Battersea Power Station in London on November 9.

The live broadcast featured performances by celebrity Call of Duty players and a gig from up-and-coming artist Tinie Tempah. Throughout the broadcast we moderated the real-time conversation stream in social channels and fed questions to the roaming presenters at the event. We managed the official Call of Duty: Black Ops Facebook page throughout the event, moderating the live social stream alongside the live video and carried out community management activity.

The end result; a huge increase in fans engaging with Activision content (almost 8.8 million fans to date) and, of course, the title of ‘biggest selling entertainment release of all time’.

Making the conversation strictly personal


To work as an extension of the BBC SCD team to ensure all available content was optimised for online including social media.


• Optimised all available content and distributed it to the relevant environments including mainstream sites, blogs and social networks
• Ensured excitement was built and maintained for the duration of the show
• Organised exclusive backstage visits and filming opportunities with the celebrities and dancers for key journalists and bloggers
• Organised round-table interviews with the talent for key influencers
• Set up and managed SCD Facebook page, responding to queries and providing social TV activity during the live shows


An amazing 407 pieces of coverage achieved a media value of over £8m and OTS of nearly 661m on mainstream websites and blogs, successfully increasing online conversation and awareness.

Positive engagement on social networks with over 23,000 fans on Facebook and up to 315 comments per post.
• 49,974 page views
• 3,708 video plays
• 6,442 photo views
• 14,072 interactions
• 1,458 click throughs to promote Strictly Social application

Key learnings:
• We had a few difficulties with the format of content and the BBC’s restrictions around how they were able to supply it. Some content was not easily embedded in blogs and so limited our ability to secure coverage.
• Access to talent was often given at very late notice so we were unable to maximise opportunities. Last minute cancellations were also frustrating and limited future opportunities.
• There was unfortunately no access to eliminated talent
• More exclusive material would have also guaranteed more coverage – e.g. access to talent and rehearsals