IAB Social Media Council : March 2014 Round Up

Iab social media council meeting – March 2014

Here at Headstream, we are very proud to sit on the iab’s social media council. On Monday we went down to London to find out the latest from the iab.

Three topics of interest were discussed at the social media council that we’d like to share with you, these were Realview, Advertising Week Europe 2014, and IC tomorrow.


RealView is a ground breaking piece of research conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau in association with the research agency Firefish to understand how people really use connected devices.  It is the most detailed consumer research the iab has carried out, and the research shows a unique view of the role devices play in our everyday lives, whether we’re in or out of the home.  So how did the iab go about conducting the research?


A selected research agency (Firefish) came up with the methodology, which involved 20 participants who wore a fish eye camera for 3 days taking a photo every 5 seconds to understand their device behaviour.
In total there was 600 hours of footage. The same respondents also used a mobile app for two weeks to record the role devices played in the purchases they made, via photos, notes or screen grabs. This was carried out for 2 weeks with 1500 activities logged. There was also a qualitative survey, this included in-depth interviews, and a quantitative survey of 1,400 respondents to scale up the insights to represent the wider UK smart phone audience.

Some of the key findings from the report:

Downtime – 52% of respondents use devices in their downtime.

When things get awkward in conversations or if there’s a lull, 37% of respondents would use their phone.

The results also found that respondents do not only multi screen by using their mobile whilst watching TV. The survey found that 51% used both smart phone and laptop together, and that males were more likely to do this.

Psychologist Dr Simon Hampton gave his thoughts on what the research tells about human behaviour.  1 in 2 said their smart phone is their most personal device.  1 third of people said their smart phone is a lifesaver.

The intimacy ladder was discussed whereby marketing to users on mobile should be like a first date; you need to take it easy.  62% of those surveyed said they are not happy to receive personalised notifications/suggestions before they have purchased anything.  It is OK to advertise after they have bought something.  Adverts via mobile trigger further actions even after purchase.

For more information about the RealView study, you can follow this link, or watch the short video we have embedded below! It really is an interesting study about how people use devices throughout their day, and how we are able to divide our attention between devices.

The hashtag to take part in conversation about RealView is #omnichannel

Advertising Week Europe 2014

The world’s premier gathering of marketing and communications leaders is happening very soon, from the 31st of March to 4th April, London will see 14,000 people attend a weeklong of engaging events focusing on key business drivers that shape and influence the global industry. With a who’s who of the top names in the advertising sector, it’s set to be a week that you do not want to miss.

The iab will be at Advertising Week Europe 2014 hosting two sessions;The first session from iab will be discussing copyright.  Major players from the TV Film and advertising world will be going into depth about the threat of online copyright infringement to the UK’s Creative Economy and the impact it may have on brand safety. Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) will also be teaming up with the iab to deliver the session. The session will also include the positive contribution of the film and television industries to UK Plc. Particularly highlighting the work of those in the industry, rights holders and the City of London Police. If this session seems like something you may be interested in, it’s happening on Tuesday 1st April at 10am.

The second session from the iab will be presenting the RealView study in a session called Omniscreening, which is on Wednesday 2nd April at 2pm. The session will be delivered with research agency Firefish who helped to conduct the research for RealView and Dr Simon Hampton from The University of East Anglia’s School of Psychology will also be speaking at the event. As well as explaining the research, the session will also feature a ‘live’ experiment to demonstrate the projects key findings!

IC Tomorrow – Digital Innovation Contest

The final topic of interest was IC tomorrow, which is a digital innovation contest. With the iab being focussed on helping to define the future of digital advertising, being a partner for one of the challenges for IC tomorrow’s Digital Innovation Contest is something that makes complete sense.

Of particular interest to us at the council was the category ‘next generation social media analytics tools’ which is a frequently discussed topic within the industry.
After judging many entrants, it was announced that the winner of this category was http://www.analyticsseo.com.  Their product will help to identify return on social that will assist brands and agencies to get a better return on their social media marketing activities. The winner will now develop the tool further.

So that’s the round up from the social media council on Monday. Our next meeting is in May so there will be more to share then.

9 Things That Wowed Us In Social Media This Week

WWW Turns 25:

On Wednesday the World Wide Web turned 25 years of age. It seems very strange to think that something we use and rely on so much is still so young. Just how would we cope without it? We’d have to write letters(!) We can thank Tim Berners-Lee for the invention of the www, who is actually a professor at our local university; the University of Southampton. Pretty cool eh? We found this article and infographic on The Drum which we found very interesting. Check it out for some impressive stats.


This week we have been catching up on everything SXSW. In fact we’ve become a bit SXSW obsessed. Of course if we were to talk about everything, we would probably have to change the name of this post to ‘99 things that wowed us in social media this week’ so in a short and snappy fashion, our highlights were: That Edward Snowden talk and Google announcing that it’s Chromecast is coming to other countries including the UK, whoop! These SXSW vines from The Drum and Ogilvy have kept us in the loop and been pretty entertaining too. Then of course NASA’s interesting talk about their media and comms plan, and this quote from NASA “communicating on social media isn’t rocket science, it’s harder.” This blog post about the 9 most memorable things from SXSW also has some bits that you may have missed.

Date an A-lister on Tinder

Dating app Tinder has announced this week that they are updating the app so that celebrities can have verified profiles. What may seem like a head scratcher to some, surely A-list stars wouldn’t need a dating app to find a date? Apparently so though, as some celebs are getting shot down by fellow users, due to them thinking they are a fake account. This has caused Tinder to rethink their initial Facebook identity check and celebrities will be able to join up using a new way. Although with over 750 million profiles, you may have to do a bit of searching to be paired up with your favourite single celebrity!

The New BBC iPlayer:

Earlier this week we saw a new BBC iPlayer being rolled out. Launched back in 2007, the iPlayer has changed quite a lot since then and is now available across 1000 different devices and serves 10 million programme requests a day! So what does the new iPlayer offer? The new iPlayer is now designed for a multi screen world, so watching on your different devices will now be consistent. There will also be a responsive design and a brand new home screen, and homepages for channels too. The BBC say that the next steps after this new revamp of iPlayer, is launching online only channels, which will start of course with BBC three going from digital to online in autumn 2015. The new iPlayer has been created to improve the user experience, and with lots of new features including collections, we’re sure that it is going to be better than ever. No longer will it just be about catching up on that episode of Eastenders you’ve missed!

Facebook’s New streamlined layout for pages:

This week Facebook announced they were introducing a new streamlined design for pages on desktop. Facebook says the new design will make it easier for users to find information that they want and need. It’ll also be easier for the pages admin’s to find the tools they use the most. So what’s new then? Well the right hand side is a column for all your page’s posts whereas the left will be all your business information; such as phone number, location etc. This new change has caused a debate in the office about the location of tabs which will be in the ‘more’ drop down menu, and if this will change the way people visit apps on brand’s Facebook pages? Food for thought.

Apple bring out iOS 7.1

Monday saw Apple release iOS 7.1, and within a few minutes it was already trending on Twitter. So what’s new about the new Apple update? First of all it adds support for the new Carplay function which was launched earlier this month. It allows your car in dashboard system to control the phone, music, maps, messages and third party audio apps. The update also includes updates to Siri, iTunes radio, calendar, accessibility and miscellaneous updates such as a new camera setting to enable HDR automatically on the iPhone 5s. Have you updated to iOS 7.1 yet?

Wild and Wacky app: Dog TV

Did you know there is now a channel for dogs? Yes you’ve read that right: Dog TV, the network showing 24/7 programmes for dogs. The network is in partnership with Latto and although it is not exactly clear what content will be aired, we do know it is available to watch on a multitude of platforms. You and your furry friend can watch on Samsung/LG smart TV’s, iOS, android or any computer. Dog TV isn’t free however, monthly fees are $9.99. Is this going to be the first innovation in a long line of many animal channels to follow we wonder? We find this quite a bizarre concept but we’re tempted to sign up, just to see what the programmes are like.

The lunchtime Infographic: LinkedIn reach 15 million UK users

This week LinkedIn announced they have 15 million UK members and that sure is a lot of people! To celebrate this, an infographic with some fun facts about the UK members was released. Did you know that London holds the most members with 2.3m, OK so no surprise there? Did you know that Tesco, the NHS and RBS are amongst some of the biggest British employers? Hmm that’s not really too surprising either? Okay well did you know that there are 5 UK mermaids? Okay now we’ve got you, you would of never of guessed that!

The Friday ‘Pick You Up’:

If you’ve reached that Friday afternoon lull, don’t worry. We’ll leave you with something to get you through the afternoon. This article has 25 amazing social media quotes from SXSW; perk up your Friday with some inspiration from some incredible people.

9 Things That Wowed Us This Week In Social Media..

  1. ‘That Selfie’ Ellen DeGeneres Oscars Selfie

This week seems to have been the week of the selfie. The 86th Academy Awards took place on Sunday evening, but come Monday morning what were we talking about in the office? The winners? Discussing the outfits? Hmm no. It was all about host Ellen DeGeneres’s selfie. We won’t go into too much detail as we’re sure like us; you’ve seen more of that selfie this week than you have of your Mum. With over 3.2 million retweets, it’s become the most retweeted tweet EVER! It even broke Twitter, it really shows just how much we love a selfie.

Of course we have seen many parody selfies over the week, The Simpsons one is up there as our favourite but it seems that Ellen’s selfie has inspired many others to jump on the selfie bandwagon.

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic took a selfie mid way through playing in a exhibition match at Madison Square Garden’s to celebrate #WorldTennisDay on Tuesday. Whilst Andy opted for a standard selfie, Novak went for a slightly more playful approach. We love these selfies from two of the world’s best tennis players, but lads, an in focus photo never hurt anyone. #justsaying

We are big fans of Ellen DeGeneres, she even featured in our Social Brands 100 2013 list. Ranking 4 in our entertainment category, and we know why. With her amusing, endearing tweets, and well those hilarious manip’s she creates, just why wouldn’t you follow her?

2. Is Twitter The New Must Have TV Companion?

Whilst the Ellen selfie was the main talking point of the Oscars, we can’t forget the ceremony itself. Twitter released stats this week, revealing that there were an incredible 3.3 billion impressions of Oscars tweets worldwide. During the ceremony, 19.1 million tweets were sent out and 37 million people viewed those tweets though Twitter’s mobile and desktop applications. This almost matches to the 42 million people who actually watched the Oscars. With stats like this it really does reinforce how differently we watch television these days. In January it was reported that 60% of Twitter users are watching TV at the same time.


This weekend Austin, Texas sees the annual SXSW Interactive festival roll into town. In previous years, big names in social media such as Twitter and Foursquare have come out of SXSW. This year, it seems that E-commerce apps, wearables and apps from across the globe are set to be this year’s success startup stories. We’re intrigued and excited to see what comes from this year’s SXSWi, check next week’s 9 things to see what wowed us from the festival.

  4. Getty Opens Its Image Library To Bloggers

Getty Images announced this week that they are making 35 million (!) of their images free for non commercial use. Disrupting the photographic industry, bloggers will now be able to embed Getty Images into their posts for no cost at all. This not only benefits online users, but also Getty themselves. They hope that embedding photos for free will bring them traffic to their site, image attribution and provide them with analytics of how and where images are being used to use for their advantage. We think this is a great opportunity for Getty and social media users.

 5. Visify is acquired by Yahoo.

Social data website Visify has been bought out by internet giants Yahoo this week. Speaking in a statement on their website, Visify say how they are ‘sunsetting’ the website to create visual data for Yahoo. The website itself will be shut down and for current paid plan users; they’ll be given a full refund. Neither Visify nor Yahoo have yet revealed their plans for the future. We wait with baited breath.

 6. Blendle Set To Be The New iTunes For News.

 A Norwegian start-up is looking to change the way we read news online. Blendle is a new app that lets you read all the major newspapers and magazines in one place. Users will pay a single paywall and then by simply clicking they can pay for whatever articles they read. Not only can users read a plethora of articles, but they can also see what articles are trending and what stories friends/influencers have shared. There are many other functions to the app such as setting up email alerts for articles on specific subjects or keywords. The app launches in Holland in April, but the creators have promised other countries will be able to get the app soon. If it’s a success, Blendle could revolutionise the way that we read news online, and that is an exciting prospect.

 7. The Friday Read: UK Social Media Attitudes by Social Media London

UK Social Media Users Attitudes 

This week Social Media London released new statistics about the attitudes of UK Social Media users. How would you feel if you lost your Facebook account? 13% said they’d be devastated whilst 45% would be annoyed and the remaining 42% didn’t care. Which camp are you in? Among the statistics, Facebook ( 56%) and Twitter (23%) were revealed as the top two visited social networks in the past month. Definitely worth a look.

 8. The Weekly Chuckle: ‘Dave Calling’

We love twitter for many reasons. But on Wednesday evening, we were reminded of just how much. When David Cameron tweeted a very serious picture of himself ‘on the phone’ to Barack Obama, pretty soon Twitter, was full of viral parody photos. The most famous parodies were from comedian Rob Delaney, writer Michael Moreno and actor Patrick Stewart. It definitely brightened up our evening. The only question now is, was it really Barack on the other line?

9. Cool App of the Week: Wake Up and Smell The Bacon

If you’re anything like us, getting out of bed in the morning can be quite the struggle. However this new app developed by Oscar Mayer (an American meat and cold cut production company FYI) could mean you’re waking up to the smell (and sound) of bacon being cooked. Wake Up and Smell the Bacon, is a revolutionary app and iphone dongle, which when plugged into the headphone jack, the waft of bacon cooking is released as your alarm goes off. If this sounds up your street, we have bad news. Sadly it isn’t for general sale, but you can enter a quiz on the Oscar Mayer website where you’ll have the chance to win the exclusive app and dongle. The competition is running till the 4th of April, 2014.  We think this is an imaginative way to get people out of bed, but to be honest we’d rather be presented with an actual bacon sandwich on awaking from our slumber.

Community Management – exciting, hard work, dedication, enjoyment & fun!

Hi! My name is Jerry and three weeks ago I started as a Community Manager at Headstream. It has been an exciting three weeks for me so far, having worked in Sales & Marketing for the majority of my career it has definitely changed my way of thinking about the Marketing industry. Joining such an exciting team has allowed me to share my ideas, enthusiasm and passion. However, more importantly what the team has taught me over this 3 week period is getting me more and more excited about being a Community Manager.
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iab blog: Was #StormSWT the making of rail operator’s social customer care?

South West Trains used Twitter to keep its community well informed and even better engaged during the recent storm that hit the UK.

My post about how it all went down has gone live on the IAB blog.

SWT Signal Down #StormSWT

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