#TheStream Issue 16

Welcome to another edition of #TheStream. For those of you in the UK hopefully it’ll be a welcome distraction from looking out the window at the terrible weather. For those of you in hot and warm climates across the globe…can we come join you?

MNDR Release Facebook Powered Music Video

MNDR have released this very cool new music video. It takes you on a journey with the band from your hometown to New York and makes it personal by using data from Facebook. Check out a demo of the app below:

This is the work of interactive video creators fourclops and is a great example of how it is possible to create unique experiences for individual people. Get your own version of the video here. This is fantastic implementation of the Facebook platform however it just needs to go that little extra step to be more intelligent with the data. In my case it dragged up friends who I haven’t spoken to in a long time which slightly spoiled the illusion.

Source: digitalbuzzblog

Twitter Launches Follower Age Verification For Brands

Working with the social media management firm Buddy Media, Twitter has announced a new way for brands to verify the age of those who want to follow them. This is great for brands which offer age restricted products that in the past have had to make do by stating any age restrictions in their Twitter bio and then manually remove any followers who they discover are not old enough.

Now when a user clicks ‘follow’ they are greeted with the above DM that then links to a verification form on Twitter.com and once filled in with the required information the user is then permitted to follow the brand. This is a free service and brands can set up the feature at age.twitter.com

Source: Mashable

Facebook Rolls Out Brand Page Timelines to Mobile

Last week Facebook began the rollout of Timeline for pages to its mobile applications and mobile site. This has been a long time coming since Facebook launched Timeline back in February. It provides a much cleaner look and easier mobile experience for the user.

Source: Mashable

Facebook Launches iOS Dev Center

Alongside the updated SDK for iOS, Facebook announced their new iOS Dev Center. This brings together all of their documentation for developers looking to bake Facebook further into their iOS apps. This is especially helpful with the upcoming launch of iOS 6 and Facebook’s deep integration in the mobile operating system.

Source: TechCrunch

Digg Sells for a Fraction of its Original Value

The once super popular social news sharing service has been purchased by Betaworks for a reported $500,000 (plus stock and equity to investors). It doesn’t seem that long ago that Digg was seen as the go to “front page” of the web, a mantle that has now been taken by Reddit, making its founder Kevin Rose (who now works at Google) a millionaire within the first two years of its existence. According to Betaworks they will be folding the existing team into the up and coming news aggregation/suggestion service News.me (which if you aren’t using you should check out) and transforming Digg back into a startup style company again.

This is a very big fall from grace, similar to that of Myspace, and was largely sparked by the launch of the new Digg back in the summer of 2010. Now it will be interesting to see what exactly Betaworks is able to make of its new purchase.

Source: Mashable

Lady Gaga’s Social Network Now Open For All

Lady Gaga’s social network LittleMonsters.com has opened up for users around the globe to sign up after previously being in private beta. Invites are now going out for the site dedicated to the social savvy songstress’s network. This is worth keeping an eye on, as if successful we will no doubt see more celebrities creating their own niche social networks which could well spark the larger, community driven brands into action. The technology behind LittelMonsters.com is very impressive and the company behind it, Backplane, have already announced that other networks will be following in Gaga’s path soon.

Source: TheNextWeb

Further reading: Wired article on Lady Gaga’s manager and Backplane.

Call Me Maybe

We’ve all seen the parody videos of Carly Rae Jepsen’s apparent made for internet culture hit “Call Me Maybe” but we couldn’t help but share these two that came to the fore front over the last few days.

Cookie Monster – Share It Maybe

Star Wars – Call Me Maybe


Thought this one was appropriate considering a certain movie is out this week! 

Thanks for reading and as ever leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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