P&O Cruises unfurls social media campaign to share celebration of 175 years of heritage

P&O Cruises celebrates 175 years of heritage today with The Grand Event. For the first time, all seven ships in the P&O Cruises fleet will sail from their home port of Southampton.

To mark The Grand Event, we’ve created two social media applications for the P&O Cruises website and Facebook page to allow fans on ship, on shore, and at home to take part in the celebrations and share their shipboard memories and dreams.

P&O Cruises Postcard Memories’ has been created for the longstanding P&O Cruises community. Fans can upload their cruise ship memories to a dedicated timeline, creating a place to celebrate all that they love about P&O Cruises. Anyone can browse the timeline, filtering the postcards by ship and year.  The timeline runs as far back as each ship’s lifetime.

P&O Cruises Photo Mosaic’ is aimed at a broader audience and invites people to upload a picture of themselves to become part of a large anniversary photo mosaic. This allows people who may not have yet travelled with P&O Cruises to get involved in the celebrations.

We’ve also built a social media dashboard to sit on the dedicated 175th Anniversary website.  The dashboard will pull in all social media mentions of the #GrandEvent – from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in real-time; allowing people to follow from their computer, tablet or mobile.

P&O Cruises head of digital marketing Claire Hazle said, “P&O Cruises has such a fascinating heritage with a truly engaged passenger community. Celebrating 175 years of heritage is as special for them as it is for us. The team at Headstream has created something that really celebrates this community feeling and allows our fans across the world to get involved in the celebrations.”

“Engaging our community through social as well as traditional channels is vital for us. It is a key part of our marketing and customer engagement activity, helping us to increase brand awareness and build valuable relationships with our current and future customers.

The social media activity will peak in line with Tuesday’s Grand Event, but the postcards will become part of P&O Cruises extensive digital archive.

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