Happy Birthday Google+

Can you believe it?! It’s been a year since Google+ arrived. Seriously where has that year gone? It feels like only yesterday I was desperately trying to get myself an invite and play around with the big G’s new social offering. Check out the cheesy but pretty cool promo video below.

Has it been a good year for the new Google social network or a bad year? Well these stats direct from Google I/O yesterday (via Mashable) would suggest it has been a very successful first year:

  • 250 million user sign ups
  • 150 million monthly active users
  • More users access Google+ through their mobile device than on the desktop
  • 50% of users sign in daily
  • Average user spends 12 minutes a day “in stream”

These are some pretty staggering facts considering Google+ has only been around for 12 months. Considering it has only been 8 months since it was opened up fully and those numbers are a little more staggering. It also seems that every week there are some new updates to the platform giving users all the more reason to stick around with the service. Yesterday was no exception with a brand new tablet app (which looks pretty swish if not fully fledged just yet) and a new events feature:

This looks like a great development on the events features that many social networks have had in the past, especially thanks to the shared photo album feature collecting you and your friends pictures from the event in one place. From what we have been reading this new product has come with a few weird bugs so hasn’t exactly been the smoothest of new Google+ feature launches but it is certainly a welcome one. Also did you spot Google’s use of nicely animated gifs? Take note marketing peeps, having these subtle movements in pictures is a brilliant way to generate interest in your Google+ activities.

The final video shows off the immense power and potential that Google+ has, as it tells the story of one group of people and the regular star gazing on air hangout that they hold.

It hasn’t exactly been the smoothest of years for Google+ with lots of backlash against the platform and many questioning its relevance and whether or not it was going to take off, there are however many high profile converts.  Slowly but surely Google have been generating interest and people are now beginning to understand that it isn’t just a social network but the thread that links all of Google’s products together.

It is a great product that Google have designed and one we here at Headstream encourage people to experiment with. If one thing is certain it’s that Google are in this for the long haul and we will probably never see a day when Google+ is shut down and declared a failure.

Happy Birthday Google+! Here’s to another 12 months of great developments and experimentation.

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