Social Brands 100 Q&A: The Collective NZ

The Collective, the New Zealand-based dairy brand, is the first Antipodean brand to feature on the Social Brands 100.  Using social to drive people to the brand and ‘not drive them crazy’, The Collective’s Bella Ackroyd shared a few insights with us about how they engage with their herd.

Ranking: 57

Panel Score: 79
Data Score: 110
Social Brand Score: 189

1. What do you think makes you a social brand?

For us, it’s all about the peeps, our community, our herd! We always approach social media with these things in mind: respond, have useful information, excite the peeps, make the peeps smile, show off more of our personality, show we really do care. We are not attempting to prove anything to anyone.

2. Can you tell us a little about how social fits into your communications mix?

Any contact with our ‘herd’ is taken very seriously. The language style, particularly on @gr8dairynobull, is heartfelt and filled with ‘Collectiveisms’. To us showing a genuine personality and interest in the herd is more important than selling a pot of yoghurt. It’s the balance between having fun, sharing the news, interacting and thanking the peeps.

With all our communications we want to drive people to us, not drive people crazy. We don’t want to incentivise our peeps for liking us; we want them to like us because they really, really do. It’s not a numbers game to us, our social media focus is to nurture genuine relationships and build a real community of Collective appreciators.

3. What are you most proud of achieving in social media over the last year?

It’s honestly hard to single out one thing. Obviously making the Social Brands 100 is a biggie. If we had to chose one thing it would be the relationship, built on loyalty and trust, that we have with our ‘herd’/followers. We have a following of ‘appreciators’ who inspire us daily. The pride we have in developing and delivering products and ideas that our herd have suggested is massive.

4. What’s changed for you over the last year in social media?

They say bull riding is the “most dangerous eight seconds in sports”, posting our first tweet 9 months ago seemed far scarier, and oh, the embarrassment seeing what we tweeted! We couldn’t have got it more wrong if we’d tried.

I think we’ve gained a quiet confidence and respect for the word instantaneous along with a newfound love for language. The type of interaction that social media brings to our brand allows us to grow with our followers. Social media might not be a face-to-face conversation but to us it is the next best thing.

5. What do you see changing over the next 12 months?

Claire Diaz-Ortiz from Twitter said social media is the eye and ear of today, and tomorrow, and we’d say she’s right!

The world web is a bit like a bucking bull, moody, quick, nimble, full of attitude and always changing direction. Our approach is to stay firmly mounted, to enjoy the buzz of the ride and to continue embracing the wealth of insights our herd brings to us on a daily basis. Enhancing the community experience is never far from our minds, and neither is having fun!

6. Any last thoughts?

Let the good times roll and may our presence continue to have a positive impact on our herd. May our days be filled with rich insights, passion and love… no bull!

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