Facebook – fMC Event Today

UPDATE: Timeline for brands announced. (See end of post)

If you aren’t aware already Facebook are today running an event called fMC. This event is tailored specifically for marketers and will be showcasing the latest developments and ideas from the Palo Alto based social network. Although it is being held in NYC anyone around the world can view the event and we have all the links right here (you don’t need to register if you don’t want to):


Livestream (kicks off 1pm ET)


Success Stories

Last night Facebook’s marketing solutions page teased that there will be a big announcement from them during the event. Whether this materialises is yet to be seen but we think the sensible money should be on Timeline for brands being announced and some possible changes to the page management system.

As with anything Facebook does, it will most likely generate a huge amount of conversation online and we’ll be adding our thoughts as always via Twitter and a more in depth look right here on our blog.

Enjoy the event and good luck to Facebook.

UPDATE: Told you so!

Facebook have allowed page admins to preivew what their page will look like when they roll it out on March 30th: https://www.facebook.com/pages/status/


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