Our LeWeb'11 Highlights

For those of you who may have missed it LeWeb’11 happened last week. The three day event which focuses on new developments in the world of tech from the hot new start up’s and entrepreneurs to the big platforms was fantastic this year. Providing some great insight and some opportunities to learn more about how these platforms and applications can be best utilised.

Their YouTube channel has pretty much the entire three days uploaded for you to watch but we thought we’d pick our four highlights for you:

Robert Scoble talks to Dennis Crowley (CEO and Co-Founder) about the future of location and Foursquare:

Alexia Tsotsis interviews Kevin Systrom (CEO) about Instagram, his small team and their future:

MG Siegler discusses the latest Twitter developments with Ryan Sarver (Director of Platform):

Loic Le Meur speaks with Dave Morin (CEO and Co-founder) about Path, the value of closed social networks and where he sees things heading:

And if you are still with us here are two bonus videos (seriously all the LeWeb talks were really interesting this year). The first with Joanna Shields (VP & Managing Director EMEA) from Facebook where she discusses the latest and greatest developments with the worlds most popular social platform. The second features a discussion with Sean Parker and Shervin Pishevar where they talk about being entrepreneurs and where they see online tech going in the future.

There are also some great panels which are worth watching (I recommend this Facebook one) and insights from the likes of Kevin Rose (Milk), Eric Schmidt (Google), Marissa Mayer (Google) and Phil Libin (Evernote).


P.s. Special thanks has to be given to Loic for putting on another great event for us all to enjoy and learn from.

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