Want To Create A Buzz In The Tech World?

So last night Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S; to many it was a disappointment (really? 64GB HD, 8mp camera, 1080p video recording, Siri technology, A5 duo-core chip and you are disappointed?) but to others it was just the excuse they were looking for to upgrade to the latest from the guys at Cupertino. This is not what I am here to write about however, this article is about a very clever event that occurred shortly after from the makers of another well known series of handsets.

You’ve got to hand it to Google and Samsung, releasing a smart phone teaser video of your new handset shortly after an Apple event is a bold move. It could well have got lost in the ether of constant free advertising that the house ‘the two Steve’s built’ seems to garner. But as some of the attention has had a negative twist (when doesn’t it these days) this short video has captured imaginations and got them the share of online conversation that they will have been looking for.

It is a very good example of reacting in real time (although most likely carefully planned over the past few months) to a high profile event. Although very much focused on tech geeks like me this is something that other companies can learn from. Create a high quality piece of content, get the right people to seed it out for you and get the timing spot on. This probably didn’t cost Google and Samsung very much money at all to do and is most likely the beginning of a wider campaign, but what an inspired start. Many people will now be looking forward to the unveiling of this device, rumored to be the Nexus Prime. Unfortunately now they too will experience what Apple does every year, people will either love it or be greatly disappointed in it.

As for me? Well I can’t wait to talk to my new best friend:

This is a video from the 80s/90s of Apple’s vision for the future of technology and how we interact with it. Below is what they announced last night. Talk about sticking to your vision!

What do you think? Was this a good plan from Google and Samsung or did they get a little bit lucky? Discuss!

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