The world's first 'record breaking' social wedding takes hold

Following on from my recent post pre Royal Wedding, I don’t think anyone predicted just how big an impact the broadcast of the world’s most famous royal wedding would have on social media usage across the world.

I’ve seen a number of articles and infographics demonstrating the significance of the impact, with conversations on social platforms being visibly dominated by Royal Wedding fever leading up to the big event.

On the day itself, the unexpected surprise for me came when communities picked up on Kate’s younger sister’s seemingly instant chemistry with Prince Harry – whilst hundreds of comments flooded Twitter and Facebook talking positively of her derriere (the ass appreciation society Facebook fan page stands at just over 200,000 at time of publishing).

It has reported, just how many media companies integrated Twitter into their live reporting of the wedding, in particular the usage of hashtags to measure conversations, with ABC asking users to use #RoyalSuccess and #RoyalMess.

According to Mail Online, there were 74 Facebook updates per second and over 268 thousand mentions of the wedding on UK Facebook status updates. The (wedding) dress was mentioned 10,000 times alone and as audiences all over the world watched live on TV, millions of Tweets were posted with an outstanding 16,000 Tweets per minute at its peak. Google have reported a record breaking, 400 million plus views of YouTube’s live stream with amazingly no crashes and a 1.24 second response time.

The whirlwind created by the social event of the year seems to have created an even bigger impact than anyone predicted. Not only that, to review my second point about whether the socialisation of the wedding would move the royal family into a more modern place, seems to have done the trick. The event appears to have brought a breath of fresh air into the royal family, with the wedding being the families’ most significant attempt at re-modernising in recent years. It was wonderful to see tradition meet a new era of modernity and personalisation, which has rarely been witnessed to date.

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