Facebook adds per post information

Facebook Insights does a really good job of showing you average stats for your Facebook pages, allowing you to see at a glance how your page is performing. What it has lacked thus far is a way of seeing which posts specifically are doing well, aside from looking at the number of interactions per post i.e. the number of times the post has been commented on and liked.

Now Facebook is rolling out a new feature; more detailed stats on a per post basis, allowing you to see the number of impressions each post has received, and the percentage feedback, which appears to be simply the total impressions divided by the total interactions. This is actually very useful data. It quickly allows you to see which posts have been more successful than others, information which is very useful when developing your content strategy.

At the moment the roll out seems to only be for pages with a minimum of 5000 fans, and doesn’t work for every post, some posts simply stating that the data is not available at this time.

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