Play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for charity? Yes please!

OK, so hands up who’s heard of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?  You know the biggest entertainment launch in history… bigger than Harry Potter – yep that’s the one!  Well, our entire agency has been buzzing over the last few weeks as we have been working with Activision for the launch of Modern Warfare 2.  Did you know that our partner agency Five by Five created all the digital media across Europe and heavily influenced the global strategy?  Well they did, and because we at Headstream work closely with Activision too on their social media strategy we were called up for social media duty on the GAME for Good campaign.

To give you the back story, GAME for Good was a partnership between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and GAME stores with the objective of raising money for the awesome charity War Child. The donation, to be made by Activation was up to a cool £250,000 and this was based on the number of unique UK players who play MW2 on Xbox Live between midnight Saturday 5th December to midnight on Sunday 6th December.  So essentially, all those with Xbox LIVE and a copy of Modern Warfare 2 had the excuse to play for 48 hours guilt free knowing that they were doing it all for charity.

To help spread the good word, we delivered a social media campaign that leveraged Facebook and Twitter platforms and included outreach activity amongst influential online forums, blogs and communities.

The Facebook brand outpost was the launch pad for all event activity and was restricted to 18+ audiences.  Within the page, fans could network and were encouraged to share their gamertag with others.  This community over the duration of the campaign grew in excess of 16,000 fans and engagement was phenomenal!  Check it out for yourself at:

We also designed and developed bespoke Facebook tabs and a dedicated GAME for Good facebook application. This application encouraged fans to form a clan by enlisting their friends to play MW2 in multiplayer mode on Xbox LIVE at a specific time on the 5th – 6th December.  Once enlisted, the application automatically posted a live Facebook status update of the event which can be seen by the participant’s friends helping to increase word-of-mouth activity.  The app automatically added a banner to the side of the user’s wall too which displayed their gamertag and the time they were playing online so that any other friends could join in too.

In support of the Facebook page, a dedicated Twitter profile was set up @gameforgood to engage with MW2 fans.  Fans were encouraged to add a GAME for Good Twibbon to their profile helping raise awareness and increase buzz amongst the many game and tech communities on Twitter.

So how did the campaign do?  Well this post by War Child taken from the GAME for Good Facebook page tells all: “More than 1 million Xbox owners in the UK took part in our GAME for Good weekend last weekend – raising us £250,000. That money will transform the lives of children living in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones. THANK YOU everyone who took part.“ 

It was our pleasure!

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