Travel industry tweet-rate rising

According to a new study, the use of Twitter is gaining rapid penetration within the travel industry.

Andy Jarosz, writer and owner of travel blog 501 Places has recently completed a survey of 90 Twitter users who tweet on travel matters and found that the majority had only started tweeting in the last six months.

The survey responders included business owners and directors from both overseas suppliers and UK tour operators, with more than half of the sample group working in paid roles within the travel industry.

Of particular interest is the amount of travelling done by those surveyed with 62% travelling internationally three or more times a year. More than 60% used Twitter to connect with local suppliers, hoteliers or transport companies before they travelled and an amazing 28.8% reported that they made a reservation following an initial contact on Twitter.

This suggests that travellers are starting to move beyond merely looking for information on destinations and services, and are actually making purchasing decisions based on their Twitter conversations. It also shows that brands who are open to engagement with consumers on Twitter are giving themselves a distinct advantage in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

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