Samsung i8910 HD

The i8910 HD handset is aimed at the premium and high end market, with a two year contract attached. It is therefore imperative we appealed to a user that wants real value add and a ‘high end’ user experience; the core audience is 26-44 young professionals, who are interested in both the business as well as the creative multimedia aspects to the phone.

Samsung Mobile wanted to run, in association with Orange, a unique bloggers competition to support the launch of the Samsung i8910 HD handset. As such our objectives were as follows:

• Drive sales of the Samsung i8910 HD handset

• Raise awareness and increase share of voice among key influencers post press event in association with Future Shorts (Wed 3rd June)

• Demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to listening to and engaging with social media

• Support Orange partnership

In order to achieve this we used the information gathered from the social media audit, specifically key bloggers in the landscape to create a campaign that sparked interest in the key demographics.

We selected key bloggers and partnered with them and their online properties. We offered them an i8910HD handset to give away to their followers. Samsung and Orange supplied the handset as well as other assets to support the product both pre and post launch.

To add a bit of variety to the format we gave each of the ten bloggers the opportunity to create their own format for the competition. We supplied all the assets and they added their own unique style.

By allowing the bloggers to create their own competitions we added a bit of spice to the typical competition format, there was be ten different competitions. More importantly, the blogger was able to cater the competition to his or her audience which lead to a higher conversion rate.

The results have been fantastic with the blogs featuring the competition to their users in prominent places, sparking a lot of interest. As a combined total, the sites have a monthly user count of just under 60 million unique users.

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