Engaging the gamer

Gamers are among some of the more tech savvy, so it’s no surprise that their ranks were among the early adopters of sites such as Twitter. But, typically they are a poorly targeted bunch, with adverts often relying on busty females to sell products.

However, companies such as Infinity Ward and Activision are keen to reach out to gamers, and join the conversations about their products with transparent, authentic voices.

Infinity Ward developer Robert Bowling, a developer at Infinity Ward and a self professed gamer has been actively engaging his Twitter gamer followers with sneak peeks of new releases and updates about patches. This has proved enormously successful with certain trailer teasers amassing huge numbers of hits on YouTube in a short period of time.

This is the kind of approach that we encourage with our clients, talking to customers on their own level, breaking down the typical sales person vs. customer barriers and fostering conversations that are mutually beneficial. Bowling has shown how successful engaging users can be, with almost 40,000 people listening to his every word.

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