Could social media fill the gap in online film distribution?

And so the debate goes on. Some might argue that the future of film distribution lies in online, while others have a more sceptical view of this issue. John Flahive managing director of Wavelength Pictures is yet to be convinced that the online experience can compete with a more traditional viewing experience. He argues that the industry has made money from audiences for whom a quality viewing experience matters.
I have to say that sometimes the cinema viewing experience can also let you down. I’m thinking full-on air conditioning, uncomfortable seats and small fortune for a bag of popcorn verses home comforts and a nice glass of wine and most importantly a pause button.
But love it or hate it the cinema experience might not be the only way in which we view film in the future. But how can film distributors capitalize on the benefits of online rather than lose out to piracy and basically be beaten by the download bug in the same way that the music industry took a huge hit?
The answer could be found in social media. Actively involving audiences in a conversation and embracing UGC, while also distributing content and assets through social media channels. Lori McDaniel agrees and thinks that social media is the right bridge to connecting online distribution with profit saying ‘When companies realize that users crave the emotional connection and fun found in social media experiences, and when these experiences are tied to accessing content…voila…repeat business, brand loyalty, and profit.’
With 19.2million users visiting a social media site in January this channel of communication is gaining momentum. We would actively encourage film and entertainment clients to start listening and engaging in this space, in order to stay ahead of the game and above all at the top of the box office charts!

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