Introducing MapleStory – the world's worst kept secret.

MapleStory, an online MMORPG, is now celebrating its global success with over 92 million players worldwide. You may not have heard of MapleStory, but with 92 millions players we’d be surprised if someone you know isn’t playing it right now!

We are lucky enough to be working with this hugely successful game, helping to promote their Summer Season for European players, during which there’ll be a slew of new updates to the game.

One of the most important updates is the release of Knights of Cygnus, which offers a totally new dimension to the game, with upgrades to the interface system, adding new functions and hotkey add-ons as well as the anticipated community improvements.

There’s also brand new content including new maps and monsters as well as new mini dungeons. For a sneak peak you can watch the trailer for Knights of Cygnus:

To keep up with the latest updates from MapleStory you can follow them on twitter!

With all these improvements MapleStory is definitely the place to be this summer; we’ll see you in there!

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