Star Trek

The greatest space adventure of all time is upon us. J.J. Abrams new vision of the sci-fi action adventure has amazed fans and reinvigorated the franchise. You can imagine Headstreams’ delight as we worked alongside Paramount to raise awareness of the film and create a buzz around the theatrical release.

A number of partners came on board the campaign and enabled us to offer gadgets such as touch screen cameras, laptops and futuristic powered luggage! We also had merchandise to give away in the shape of mouse and mouse-mats, duvets and illuminating, wi-fi detecting t-shirts. We were also able to offer a number of tickets to the UK premiere in London’s Leicester Square where winners could walk the carpet with the cast.

We managed to secure coverage on a large number of male skew sites such as Zavvi, Empire, Sci-Fi Online, Sky Sports and Maxim. Although focusing on a predominantly male audience we also achieved space on a number of female sites as well as the big national newspapers and portals. Star Trek has now reached the box office and took a staggering £5.9m in its opening weekend.

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