From The Crows Nest…..Hungry for Change?

We’re talking about that glorious foodstuff so fond to our hearts and mouths at headstream this week. Not only have I been putting in a good shift of chowing down cake, doughnuts, biscuits and chocolate like a fatty toadboy, I’ve been able to network about it as well. is the latest intrigue to hit online foodies as this giant recipe book allows users to share their dishes and proud concoctions. Combining a good variety of tagging systems, blogs and being able to upload images & videos to name but a few options available, this is a really clean, clear and easy to use social site. 


Coffee-guzzlers who frequent the well-known refreshment establishment Starbucks can help shape the future of the brand after the company announced its very own social network last week. My Starbucks Idea allows customers converse over all things Starbucks in order for the company to gauge what users and consumers want and need. The US based firm are more than happy to embrace the outcome and have included voting systems over various ideas that members have produced. Despite what is said about the company’s service, price, attitude, blah, blah, S’buck’s must surely be congratulated for their innovative approach this time around. 


As ever, the week couldn’t pass without yet another little nugget of the musical variety. Pennywise are due to release the album ‘Reason To Believe’ on myspace from March 25th to April 8th… of charge! Simply visit Pennywise’s MySpace page, add Textango as a friend, and a message will instruct on the download procedures. And even if American punk-pop ain’t your thing, fear not. I’m sure in a few months time we’ll be able to compile a list of artists who are doing the same. Nice one!

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