From The Crows Nest…..Dollars, dollars & more dollars.

As I whittered on last week of all the social media music ‘love-in’ that has occurred over recent weeks, I failed to mention Nine Inch Nails contribution to the latest buzz of attracting a larger fanbase online. Several weeks back, NIN gave away a bundle of tracks available for free from their ‘Ghosts I-IV’ series as a teaser for the remaining tracks available for a tiny fee of a few quid. As it turns out, doing away with your record company and giving away most of your material ‘gratis’ doesn’t seem so daft after all. Approximately 800,000 transactions in the first week have generated $1.6 million in revenue. Lead singer Trent Reznor himself urged his fans to freely exchange and distribute the album via P2P. Ultimately, this merely highlights how getting fully behind online activity is starting to pay noticeable dividends for those forward thinking artists.

Not to be drowned out from rock’s online interaction, BMW this week stepped up a gear and announced their intention to drive it’s digital strategy onto the social networking highway courtesy of the much loved vehicles of Facebook, Myspace and Bebo (sorry, i’m clearly driving down the wrong road with this rancid bloody pun nonsense) The motor manufacturer plans to target car buyers in 2008 who frequent such sites. There is also a bit of chat going round about BMW launching a channel on the internet TV service Joost aimed at creating a viral buzz for the brand.

Elsewhere, British pioneer and inventor of our lovely ol’ web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee this week told the BBC that he has browsed over Social Networking sites and thinks it may eventually “be more for the old than the young.” The Millenium Technology prize-winner also spoke briefly of his views towards User Generated Content “It’s great that UGC is taking off – but why aren’t more people doing it?” Our thought’s exactly Sir Timmy B.

What would you do with $850m? AOL decided they were feeling flush this week and bought themselves Bebo. Randy Falco, AOL’s big cheese said “What drew us to Bebo was its substantial and fast-growing worldwide user-base, its vision of a truly social web, and the monetization opportunities that leverage Platform-A across our combined global audience.” Look’s like they’ve acquired a bargain then.

 We’re all off to make bonnets and enjoy a well-deserved cuddle with the Easter Bunny. Toodlepip!

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