From The Crows Nest…..What's The Story? (F'book Glory)

Former swaggering yob-mob manc britpop act turned fatherly rock supergroup Oasis have turned to Facebook in order to raise their presence in the world of Social Media which will also coincide with the forthcoming release of their seventh studio album. The bands’ Facebook page is open for your perusal now and features a biography, videos and numerous photos in. An idea they haven’t pinched from The Beatles? Now that’s groundbreaking.
Not to be outdone, US monsters of melodic rock REM have announced that Accelerate, their 14th studio album, will stream online at Facebook and other sites from March 24, a week before it is available to purchase in the shops. The band has inked a deal with iLike, a social networking widget that can be used in conjunction with iTunes, Facebook and other platforms - essentially a way of sharing information with your friends about the music you listen to. As the forward-thinking frontman Michael Stipe tells us “You can either go with it or sit back and watch it happen and I would rather be out on the field than in the bleachers.”  Whether we all continue to debate over if both band’s glory days will ever return to their full, we can’t fault ‘em for fashioning themselves up for the social networking catwalk.
Keeping with all things musical, car-manufacturer Vauxhall are to get behind a Corsa-branded music festival with a social networking campaign targeting consumers in their 20s and 30s. Teaming up alongside independent label ‘Sunday Best’ and Bestival founder and Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank to create an indoor festival, called ‘Corsa presents Bandstand’, the marketing activity will run on Facebook pages of Rob Da Bank and ‘special guest’ Mark Ronson.
In other social network headline news…..
“Bongâ€?……Studyvox, the social and academic networking site designed solely for university students in the UK was launched last week. Created by Kevin Martin and Sara Hildebrandt, Studyvox aims to give students in higher education a dedicated web space so they can meet and talk to each other online and find partners for study, sport and socialising…..
“Bongâ€?…..Social Networking attempts to ‘de-throne’ Livingstone in mayoral race. Londoners are being offered the chance to run for mayor through a social networking site called, set up to allow users to nominate themselves as independent candidates…..
“Bongâ€?…..UK advertisers trail behind US rivals when it comes to exploiting the burgeoning power of social networking websites, according to new research by TNS…..
“And finallyâ€?…..WAYN have enjoyed much success of late with a 185% rise in unique visitors in February. The travel social network site’s visitors have risen to 6.3m compared to last years figure of 2.2m. Whilst WAYN and its jet-setting users can be happy with such a result, it leaves the rest of us jealous of those boasting of their glorious travel anecdotes. Right then, where’s my passport……

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